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No matter how big your home is in terms of size and area that it has taken, the most important among these is having a good interior. Interiors are the main attraction of your home. And with the best usage of some creatively defined wood trim accent wall ideas you can achieve the best look for your home.

Interiors tend to attract people and make them buy a house or give an idea for their home decorations. But if we talk about just one element of the interior, then it is the walls. Yes, walls are the main thing, or we can say the main element in the interior.

One cherishes having a beautiful and decorative wall for their home. Nowadays, there are different types of wall designs available in the market. Some of them are made of wood or made with simple cement and concrete.

But in this article, we will be discussing the designs and ideas of wood trim walls that you can have in your home. This article covers the 21 best wood trim accent wall designs and ideas.

Wood Trim Accent Design and Ideas

1. Dark Board Accent Wall

Dark Board Accent Wall

The first idea in this list will is the Dark Board Accent Wall type. This type is considered one of the best ideas nowadays. In this type, you will see a big wooden wall with a board pattern. You can color them according to your choice and according to your decoration.

After decorating and painting, finish the job by putting in some beautiful paintings and designing photo frames to enhance the beauty of the wall. This design will be the most attractive and eye-catching for people. From the cost point of view, this will be feasible for one to have in your home.

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2. Wooden Slats Accent Wall

Wooden Slats Accent Wall

If you are not into having a board or boxed design wall, then a slat-typed wooden wall might suit your needs. This is among the highly demanded wood trim accent wall ideas for people to have in their homes. Again, this type of wall will be stunning and eye-catching for people. You can have this type of wall either for the drawing room or in your bedroom.

Color it according to your home design and place it in your desired area. Sounds good, isn’t it? On the cost side, it won’t be much costlier to have it in your home, but as you can see that it requires a lot of hard work and precision to make such a good wall, so you can expect some time to get it for your own.

3. White Wood Accent Wall

White Wood Accent Wall

Now it’s time for the third one. This list’s third design is a plain and simple white wooden accent wall. If you are into keeping everything simple but beautiful, then this idea might help you to get one for your own home. You can have a simple designable wall, or you can make patterns in your wooden wall to make it more beautiful. 

For these kinds of wood trim accent wall ideas, you can make it either for the bedroom or the drawing room. From the cost point of view, it is a high-budget table for one to have. Apart from that, it will be a bit time-consuming, i.e., it will take less time to make it.

4. Vent Attached in The Accent Wall

Vent Attached in The Accent Wall

The fourth idea is a vent attached to your accent wooden wall. Now this is another unique idea that one can have in their own home. You can either have it in your bedroom or your hall or maybe in your drawing room even. In this idea, you will see that vent is attached to that wooden wall. For that, you need to take a proper measurement of your vent so that your vent fits properly into that space.

Otherwise, you will have to face some niggles and issues post-fixing it. After fixing and putting up the wall, you can either paint it or you can also keep it as it is according to your theme. While making such a wall may require some time, with such a short amount of time, you will get to see a beautiful wall in your home.

5. Headboard Accent Wall

Headboard Accent Wall

This is pretty much similar to the first idea in the list, but it has a slight difference. The difference is that instead of box patterns, you will have something like an arrow-shaped design on the wall. Here, you can do just the same as we have mentioned in the first point, like placing the wall either in the drawing room or bedroom, painting according to the theme of your home. 

A small tip for this idea is to have it in your bedroom because it might suit your bedroom theme and also will enhance its charm and beauty. It will be a high-budget table, but again it depends on how big a wall you are going to have.

6. Honeycomb Accent Wall

Honeycomb Accent Wall

If you are a honey lover or a lover of the yellow color, then you can have these kinds of wood trim accent wall ideas for your home as well. Usually, this type of pattern is done on walls made of concrete or cement, but you can have this idea in a wooden frame as well.

In this type of wall design, you will have to paint it in yellow color. But if your home theme is not matching with yellow, you can, however, go for other colors even. After painting the wall with your favorite color, decorate this beautiful wall either by hanging some paintings and sketches to add more charm to it.

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7. Classic Accent Wall

Classic Accent Wall

It is a simple trim accent wall that you can have in your home. You can have them either in your bedroom or your drawing room. This pretty simple design will surely attract the eyes of the people who see it. This is simple yet popular among the people. You can paint this wooden frame either in grey color as most of the houses are or you can go with the other colors even.

You can also place half part under the concrete wall so that it can be more attractive. If you are placing it under the concrete wall, then there might be some reduction in the cost side. But if you are going to cover the entire wall with the design, then it may be a little costlier.

8. Cross-Design Accent Wall

Cross-Design Accent Wall

Next on this list is a type of accent wall which is having a cross-type design. In this design, you will see that the wooden wall is having a cross design. You can place this wall either in the drawing room or as a backdrop for your bedroom. Taking about this design, then it is a very unique idea to have it in your home. This design needs a good amount of time to make, and it is somewhat a bit costlier.

But if you have a small area, then there might be some reduction in the price. But if you have it in your home, we can say that it is going to add charm to your home. After placing and painting are done, hang some photo frames and sketches on your new wall.

9. Rounded Mirror Accent Wall

Rounded Mirror Accent Wall

Having a mirror on your new wall makes you feel happy, right? You can have an accent trim wall specially designed for your wash basin area. You can have a small wall which is having a decent length and breadth. However, you can also place it in the center for a bold look.

There are numerous design ideas that you can implement on your wall, but we recommend you have something simple and catchy at the same time. For example, you can have a wall that is black colored with some patterns or stripes, along with a rounded mirror.

10. Jigsaw Accent Wall

Jigsaw Accent Wall

If you love games, especially jigsaw puzzles, then you can have a jigsaw-designed wall for your own. This type of wall design is in huge trend nowadays. In this type of wall, you can see that a jigsaw pattern is made on the wooden wall.

You can have this type either in the backdrop of your bedroom or somewhere in your living room. This pattern is usually made in concrete walls, but if you wish, you can make it with wood as well. This will light up your inner decorum of the house.

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11. Herringbone Accent Wall

Herringbone Accent Wall

A completely new design for the wall in your home. Such kind of wood trim accent wall ideas are widely popular nowadays. People nowadays want to have something unique and at the same time catchy, and in our opinion, this is the one that one should go for. Hearing the name might make you confused, but no need to worry as this is not such a complex design.

In this type of wall, you will see that thin wooden frames are colored and fixed in a zigzag pattern. Now this won’t cost you much as compared to the rest. And from the timing point of view, it is not that much time taking. Overall a great design either for your living room or your bedroom.

12. Gym Style Themed Accent Wall

Gym Style Themed Accent Wall

Having your own customed wooden-trimmed accent wall for your gym is nothing more than a happy moment. Having such a wall for your gym will light up and will add to your charm. The reason that we included this point is that, apart from your living room or bedroom, you can make your accent wall in your gym. Now for these wood trim accent wall ideas, you can have many types of designs apart from the one which is shown in this picture.

And you can color them according to your choice. On that wall, you can either place some motivational posters or you can place a big mirror after all the fixing and painting is done. From both the timing and costing points of view, it is feasible to have it. When done with these kinds of stuff, bring your gym mat and equipment and start gymming.

13. Navy-Themed Accent Wall

Navy-Themed Accent Wall

The thirteenth category in this list is having a trimmed accent wall of navy blue color. People who love to have a blue-colored wooden accent wall can go for this type. Here you can make any design, from stripes to zigzags. After having done with the initials, it’s time to put some navy blue coat on your wall. These kind of wood trim accent wall ideas can perfectly go in sync with any sort of customization of your choice.

You can have this wall either in the backdrop of your bedroom or in the living room itself. You can put either light lamps on the wall, or you can simply go for a designable mirror. From both the costing and timing points of view, it will be feasible to have one such wall in your home.

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14. Moulding Accent Wall

Moulding Accent Wall

This idea is slightly different from what we have discussed so far. Nothing can beat the beauty and aura of this molding accent wall. This type of wall is pretty unique, but it is eye-catching. Just think, having a molding wall in your home can bring more charm.

You will find some designs that it has simply square-shaped or rectangle-shaped on the wall, but you can make it whatever you want. Also, it is mostly seen that this type of wall is usually black colored. But you can go for any color. After doing this, you can put some decorative lights to enhance more beauty.

15. Geometric Pattern Accent Wall

Geometric Pattern Accent Wall

The fifteenth idea is to have a geometric pattern wall. Geometric patterns are a huge trend in the market nowadays. In this type, you will find many types of patterns and shapes made on the wooden walls. They look pretty good in different colors, but the most preferably dark color would be an obvious choice.

From both a cost and timing point of view, it is highly feasible to have it for your home. You can go with this idea as it is a bit trendy and catchy at the same time.

16. Branches Designed Accent Wall

Branches Designed Accent Wall

Nature lovers always want to get natural vibes all the time in their surroundings. Whether it’s from your garden or your inner home area. But apart from that, one can get natural vibes by having a wall with the design of branches. This is something eye-catching for people who don’t know about this design.

For those who are unknown of this idea, yes, one can have such a design on their wooden wall. But for that, you need to have proper planning, and also you need to check such persons who have hands-on experience in making such designs. Remember, making this will cost you more as compared to others.

17. Wainscoting Accent Wall

Wainscoting Accent Wall

This is nothing but a simple wall with thin wood attached to it both upwards and downwards. The length of these thin wood sticks is different from one another. Having this wall in your bedroom or living room will add more charm to your room. Color it with your favorite colors. It is highly recommended to paint it with dark color so that it can match the vibe of the home.

18. Office Themed Accent Wall

Office Themed Accent Wall

As we have seen in the previous point that you can have customed wall for your gym, and in the same way, you can have it for your office as well. Nowadays, post-pandemic most people have work-from-home jobs, which tend to make them work from home all the time. And in that contrast, if you want to have your wall in the office room glaze more, then you should get a customed trimmed accent wall. Color it with your favorite color, and then you are good to go.

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19. Stripped Accent Wall

Stripped Accent Wall

Though this idea should be put first on the list, we always do believe that better late than never. This is the most simple but stylish type of accent wall one wishes to have in their bedroom or their living. You can also have this in your entire home. The cost will be feasible for the single wall as well as for making the entire home. Paint it with your favorite colors, and then put some wall hangings and sketches to add more charm to your wall.

20. Kitchen Accent Wall

Kitchen Accent Wall

Kitchens are places where everyone wants to be highly decorative and modernized. People design their kitchen in such a way that it looks like a palace’s kitchen. But do you know that even kitchen walls can be made with wood? Yes, you can have a kitchen wall made of wood. Just like gyms and offices, one can wish to have a woody wall in their kitchen. You can go for a simple design with white color, or you can have any other design in different colors.

21. Curved Accent Wall

Curved Accent Wall

The last idea in this list is to have a wall at some corners covering some portions of the wall. This idea is somewhat unique for people. In some places, it is seen that people have made very highly designed curved walls in their homes. You can either have this wall in one portion of your home, or you can have it in all the portions of your home. As these are made of wood, so on the cost side you will get some relaxation. Overall a good design to have in your home.

Final Thoughts

The 21 ideas listed above are highly loved by the people, and they are popular more or less. Beyond these, there are numerous other hacks and ideas which you can take to implement in your designs. Remember that the price and budget solely depend on how big and how designable the wall you are going to have.

We have discussed this line many times in the respective ideas, but keep in your mind it is much more important. Making your walls with wooden frames can be worth beautiful. Apart from that, it will save you money when compared to making a wall with cement or concrete. Also, making the walls with wood can be a time saver.

We hope that this article may serve your purpose and also may it help you with decision-making.

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