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If you’re a writer or blogger looking for somewhere to share your design and home decor knowledge and expertise, you’ve come to the right place. TheTalkHome is the perfect place for you to come and share your interest in home decor and writing with the world.

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We appreciate you sharing an interest in TheTalkHome and we hope that we can start a mutually beneficial working relationship soon!

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The articles that you write for our home decor site will receive the benefit of our significant reach. They’ll receive SEO boosts and potentially be seen by thousands of people! Continue reading to learn more about our requirements for our creative content writers as well as the benefits that you’ll get if you do decide to join us.

Can You Write For TheTalkHome?

Our website is a home decor and design-focused entity, so anyone with some experience writing and working in the home decor industry could write for us. You don’t have to have a decade of experience working with this type of stuff but some experience and knowledge when it comes to home decorating is definitely a plus.

It doesn’t even have to be home decor specifically. It can even be a niche or category that’s related to home décor such as general decor or event planning. No matter if you’re a 20-year veteran in the home decor game or if you’re just getting your toes wet, so long as you follow the guidelines that we set out for you, you will be able to contribute for us.

An important detail to note is that for now, we are not paying for any freelance or guest writing content and we do not accept articles and/or blogs from our competitors in the home decor blogging sector.

Why You’ll Love Writing For TheTalkHome

When it comes to home decor and even furniture, gifts and other similar industries, TheTalkHome is one of the first names that you should be thinking of. We’re one of the leading home decor blog brands and we pride ourselves on being able to spread our content over a wide network of different groups.

Because of how many thousands of users come to visit our websites on a monthly basis, we have to ensure that our content is always of high quality. This means that all of our content is unique and engrossing. It’s also always accurate and informative as well. We at TheTalkHome aren’t in the business of posting articles with inaccuracies.

Because of our large audience, guest posting with us is a great opportunity no matter the size of your own following. Guest posting is one of the best ways to promote yourself and to share your work with thousands of people who otherwise might not have come across it. This also boosts your site’s SEO thanks to high authority backlinks.

Whether you’re a large corporation looking to expand your audience and reach the next level or you’re a new blogger who’s just trying to find their niche, guest posting can always help you reach your goals. Below are some of the benefits of guest posting.

Exposure To New Home Decor Audiences

There’s nothing more important than the traffic that your site engenders. This is because without traffic, there’s really no site. Unless it’s your own personal blog just for you, if you’ve created a site then you’re going to want people to visit and consume whatever kind of content you have to offer.

The more traffic you get, the more attention your business and website get. The more attention you get, the more companies want to start advertising on your site. This is how your online business can really start to thrive.

Guest posting is one of the more genuine ways to increase traffic to your site or business. This works when you guest post for our website, for example. We will include a backlink that our audience can click on to bring them to your site. Now our audience has become your audience!

This is a huge positive for anyone who has a blog or business that falls into the home decor or home improvement category as ours does. This means when you guest post for us, the audience we send your way won’t be a random audience. It will be a quality audience. A quality audience means that they’re an audience that is likely to be susceptible to or interested in your content.

Boost SEO And Domain Authority

These backlinks are also crucial in terms of helping you to improve your search engine authority. A backlink from a popular blog like us is almost certain to improve your domain name’s SEO ranking in the category of home decor. Not only does the backlink help the actual page it’s linked to but it also boosts the entire website.

People visiting your site through the backlink on your guest posts also expose you to more search engines. This will help you to index a lot more quickly. With our significant experience in this arena, we can assure all of our guest posters that they will see real results in terms of search engine ranking improvements.

Improve Your Social Media Game

A side benefit from all of the added traffic that your sites and pages will be receiving is the followers or subscribers that will latch onto your content from time to time. These numbers will always pale in comparison to your traffic numbers but they’re very important as well.

Guest posting can be great for gaining more followers and subscribers because not only have people consumed your content on our site, which is an authority in our category, but we’ve also vouched for you by putting your content on our site. Us showing familiarity and confidence in you makes the audience more comfortable following and consuming your content.

Everyone’s scared of things they don’t know until someone they know tells them that it is okay. Blogging and driving online traffic is no different. Having a solid social media fan base will be a huge help in boosting your efforts to generate new and quality leads.

Final Thoughts

Always ensure that your content is not only accurate and informative but engaging as well. If people come to your website and don’t find high-quality content that interests them, they won’t stay long and odds are, they won’t come back either.

As one of the top authority sites in the home decor and home improvement sectors, we at TheTalkHome believe that any bloggers with experience in this field should consider guest posting for us.

Not only will a wider range of people be consuming your content but guest posting for authority sites such as ours is a great way to help boost your blog and your business with some high-quality website visitors and an improved SEO ranking.