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Busiest Airports in the US
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Top 20 Busiest Airports in the US by Daily Flight Numbers

In this blog post, we’ll explore the top 20 busiest airports in the US based on daily flight numbers. As someone who has analyzed air

plane vs jet
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What Factors Should I Consider When Evaluating Planes and Jets?

Do you wonder about the differences between planes and jets when booking a flight? It’s a common dilemma faced by many travelers. While both aircraft

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Eligibility for Delayed Flight Compensation: American Airlines

Dealing with flight delays can be frustrating, especially when you’re unsure about your rights to compensation. If you’ve experienced a delayed American Airlines flight, you

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Understanding Allegiant Airlines’ Safety Record Through Passenger Reviews

Have you ever felt anxious about flying with an unfamiliar airline? It’s a common concern, especially when it comes to safety. If you’re considering Allegiant

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Analyze the Impact of COVID-19 on US Flight Numbers

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the aviation industry upside down. As lockdowns and travel restrictions swept across the nation, US airlines faced an unprecedented challenge:

american airlines delayed flight compensation
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Can I Get Compensation for a Delayed Flight with American Airlines?

Frustrated by a delayed American Airlines flight? You’re not alone. Unexpected flight delays can ruin your plans, stressing you out of pocket. But here’s the

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18 Safest Airlines in the World: Crash Record Comparison

In this blog, we’ll examine the airlines with the best safety records and analyze crash data to determine which carriers you can trust. Using accident

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Exploring Allegiant Airlines’ Safety Ratings in Contrast to Other Airlines

Allegiant Airlines, an ultra-low-cost carrier (ULCC), has been investigated in recent years for its safety practices.  In 2018, a 60 Minutes investigation raised concerns about the airline’s

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Understanding Safety Measures for Storing Fuel in Airplanes

Have you ever wondered how airplanes store fuel safely during flight? It’s a critical question that affects the lives of millions of passengers every day.

where is fuel stored in a plane
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A Guide to Modern Plane Fuel Storage Compartments

Ever wondered how planes store enough fuel for long flights? It’s a tricky balance! Too much fuel means extra weight and higher costs, while too