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9 Backyard Pool Ideas on a Budget

9 Creative Backyard Pool Ideas on a Budget for Hot Summers

What is the best way of spending a hot summer day other than hanging out with your family and friends by a wide range of

9 FREE DIY Birdhouse Plans Built for $3

9 Free DIY Birdhouse Plans You Can Build Under $5

Do you love birds and their pleasing chirping sound? Want them to roam around your yard or your garden? Then, you might want to invest

11 Enclosed Patio Ideas for Every Budget

11 Budget Friendly Unique Enclosed Patio Designs

An enclosed patio is a versatile addition to any home, and it is like a transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces. Whether you want

15 Retaining Wall Ideas - Blocks, Costs and Cheap DIY Options
Interior Design

15 Creative and Inexpensive Retaining Wall Ideas

A sloped landscape looks wonderful in nature, but if it is in your backyard, then you want to renovate it to fit your vision. There

13 Landscaping Ideas for Dogs

13 Landscaping Ideas for a Beautiful Dog Run

If you have a dog, creating a safe playing space for him while maintaining the life of your landscape backyard is a tough job. You

13 Outdoor TV ideas

Top 13 Outdoor TV Ideas for Your Home and Backyard

Nothing is better than enjoying the time with your partner in your free time. And imagine you utilize that time while watching television outside. The

15 composite decking ideas

15 Composite Decking Ideas to Liven up Your Space

While the term ‘Decking’ originates from the maritime world, it also refers to a part of the architecture that, if incorporated into a living space,

11 Outdoor Patio Privacy Screen Ideas & DIY Tutorials

11 Genius Outdoor Privacy Screen Ideas to Enjoy in Peace

Having a quiet time outdoors in your house is one of the best things to do. Well, if you love nature and enjoy quality time

15 Budget-Friendly Landscaping Ideas for Your Above-Ground Pool

15 Cheap Above Ground Pool Landscaping Ideas for Your House

An above-ground pool is an excellent architectural feature for families to relax and rejuvenate together. If you are someone who loves to go away for

15 Outstanding DIY Fire Pit Ideas You Can Finish in a Day

15 Outstanding DIY Fire Pit Ideas You Can Finish in a Day

Outdoor fire pits add a positive value to your outdoor space. Having a fire pit in your outdoor space will elevate the appearance of the