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The dining table is an important part of Christmas Eve. After all, this is the place where you will serve your guests. If you think just decorating the home or door is enough, the last thing you want is to feel embarrassed when your guest doesn’t feel pleased with the dining table look.

So the dining table decor also needs special attention. But how to decorate it? To decorate the dining table, use festive decoration materials like candles, pine cones, wreaths, and printed touches.

This post will show you 21 inspiring Christmas DIning table Decor ideas to light up your table.

In this post, we have covered from the fragrance dining table to rustic and minimalistic look ideas that will instantly lift the mood of your guests.

1. Scatter Christmas Candles

For a comfortable and cozy dining table look, scatter the candles on each corner and place them on the surface beside the corners. They bring a cozy vibe in the evening when they match and contrast with the twinkling Christmas lights.

Candles are the simplest decoration idea for Christmas when it comes to dining table decoration.

You can also place them on the coffee table, kitchen counters, and dining table. Christmas candles also add their fragrance, creating a different aura and aroma.

Scatter Christmas Candles

2. Glittery Pine Cones and Pom-Poms

Cover the dining table with a nice tablecloth. Pick up the pine cone leaves that will make the table green and alive with their presence.  Use the small pine cones to organize with the pine cone’s big leaves.

Use colorful pom-poms like white or pink to glitter up the table. The colorful pom-poms will add the spice of creativity to your dining table.

Keep the dining table sides empty for serving or eating purposes. Keep the empty food plates there.

Use the white or golden glass for drinking at enough distance to make your guest feel comfortable taking the food from their plates.

Glittery Pine Cones and Pom-Poms

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3. Pine Cone Woodland Natural Rustic Dining Table

If you want to keep the dining table looking natural, gorgeous, and rustic for Christmas Eve, you can utilize the pine cones. They will make the whole table look like fallen woodland that looks rustic and gorgeous. To keep so many pine cones in one place, tie them with a thin and strong string.

You can also hang them above the dining table to make enough space for other things on the Christmas Eve dining table. Add boxes of dry fruits or seasonal citrus fruits, like oranges, adding a different bright look to your table.

You can select the fruit color according to the vibes you want to add to the pine cone woodland theme.

Pine Cone Woodland Natural Rustic Dining Table

4. Unique Tableware and Simple Dining Table Decor

If you have a set of unique dining tableware and chairs that are already decorative without additional prompts or decorative stuff, this theme is for you.

Place a narrow tablecloth piece in the center of the table stretched to the two opposite ends of the longer side. Use the tablecloth for purely decorative purposes.

Keep the eating plates for serving purposes on the uncovered table surface. Use the combination of Christmas candles, pine cones, and pine leaves to make it gorgeous. 

Place the transparent water glasses on the edges of the dining tablecloth. Use the creative approach while serving the food on the plates.

Unique Tableware and Simple Dining Table Decor

5. Festive Foliage in The Vase

You can utilize one of your favorite vases to add Christmas Eve vibes to the dining table. Fill it with Christmas foliage, festive leaves, and decor materials. Add some sprigs for a more highly effective delightful view of the vase.

No worries if you don’t have the festive foliage in your home. You can easily buy them from the nearest shop that sells decorative stuff related to the festive season.

You can use the big vases and long-stem festive foliage to cover your table fully. It will cover the minimum area on the surface but will cover the surrounding area fully.

Or, if you want, you can keep several small vases of festive foliage on the dining table to make it dense and fully decorative.

Festive Foliage in The Vase

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6. Pine Branches Dining Table Decor

You can make the smaller dining table highly creative with contrast techniques and simple Christmas decorative items. Use the red tablecloth piece and spread it on longer stretched edges in the middle of the table.

Use another tablecloth piece but in white color. Spread this white cloth piece on the red tablecloth piece built vertically, creating a plus sign. Use the pine leaves and branches to decorate the dining table now. Organsize the pine branch on the red tablecloth piece.

Wrap up the string lights around them to add a touch of vibrancy. Keep the candles around the pine branches.

Place the food plates in the space left over all four corners of the dining table.

Pine Branches Dining Table Decor

7. Festive Touches Prints

Use the art and craft to add the festive touch prints on Christmas Eve. You can utilize them in wall hangings, antique pieces, and all other minimal small art pieces you can use for decoration.

When it is to the dining table, you can flaunt the festive touch prints on the table surface, hand the light festive touch prints on the edges of the dining table, and make it creative with a variation.

Depending on the look you want in the last, minimalistic or full of items, you can use the festive touch prints or creative pieces such as Chic Minimalistic white.

And black prints for the minimalistic look and colorful abstract festive touch printings for the highly creative dining table view.

Festive Touches Prints

8. Minimalistic Christmas Dining Table Decor

If you don’t want to make the table colorful, this minimalistic decoration theme is for you. Use the candles, pine cones, fir, and Christmas centerpiece. Organize the figs and sprigs in the vase and cover the table surface area.

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Place the food plates on the leftover space on the dining table edges for the guests to serve the food. Keep the glasses white or transparent. Use the grey-colored theme eating containers like plates, spoons, and forks.

Or you can balance the grey theme by using napkins in grey. Take the napkin, fold it, and keep it nicely on the empty food plate. Repeat this with every plate on the dining table.

Minimalistic Christmas Dining Table Decor

9. Multiple Small Decorative Trees

You have observed how to use the vase to decorate the dining table. You can style the table similarly with the multiple small decorative trees. Utilize the Mini main Christmas trees to fill the space on the dining table.

Use the minimal approach to decorate and organize them while placing them so that you will have enough space for the food and beverage items.

You can also use the stylish twig trees to save space on the table surface. But they will cover enough space on the top surrounding.

You can mix both types of mini table trees for a unique approach.

Multiple Small Decorative Trees

10. Farmhouse Dining Table Decor

Use the grace of white color while preparing the farmhouse dining table decor. Spread the white cloth in the middle and center of the table. Take a big dough bowl to organize the decor items on the table.

Use the white berries, ornaments cans, pine cones, flocked green, string lights, and other Christmas decor things you can use to fill the large dough bowl. Use this dough bowl as the centerpiece of the dining table.

Take the metallic candle stands to insert in the dough bowl for the scented candles. You can also organize the candles on the table surface over the white tablecloth.

Utilize the leftover space to keep the eating plates or as a serving space for guests.

Farmhouse Dining Table Decor

11. Wreaths Dining Table Decoration

People often use Christmas Wreaths outside the door and windows. They often ignore that wreaths can make your dining table more stunning, alive, and gorgeous.

To make the vibes of greenery and seasonal spirit, you can bring the Wreath to the dining table or the wall behind the dining table. Hang the Wreaths on the wall and decorate the dining table with eatables and drinking items.

If you don’t want to hang the wreaths on the wall, you can keep them on the dining table. Start from the middle and center of the inning table.

Keep a big wreath there that will become the center of attraction. You can fill it with the pine cone if you want or place a smaller wreath on this Wreath.

Keep the rest of the Wreath on the corners, or hang them with the table corner edges.

Wreaths Dining Table Decoration

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12. Dining Table Decor with White Pine Cones

This white pine cone theme is worth trying if your dining table has a neutral or light color tone surface. Also, it is a great idea if you want a minimalist approach while decorating your dining table.

Use the white tablecloth piece and spread it in the middle and center stretch to the longest ends of the dining table. Take the pine cones and paint them white to make the dining table look aesthetic and in the same vibe.

Use transparent and white eating item holders like plates, drink glasses, water glasses, or jars to fill the table. Also, organize the white dining chairs set with a neutral hue tone.

Dining Table Decor with White Pine Cones

13. Christmas Centre Piece as Dining Table Decor

Using the Christmas centerpiece theme is worth trying to elevate your dining table for Christmas Eve. You can decorate the dining table in two ways with this theme. Either use it in the center of the table as the centerpiece.

You can also use it on the side edge or place it at the base of the floor near the coffee or small table to save space, where the Christmas tree part tries to cover the dining table view and look.

The Christmas centerpiece theme is eye-appealing, soothing, and eye-catching. This centerpiece will make your dining table decor impressive and stunning.

Add Christmas crackers and citrus fruits to enhance the look and serve the guests. This idea is suitable for a dining table, but you can utilize it for the coffee table or both small and long tables.

Christmas Centre Piece as Dining Table Decor

14. Vintage Toy Dining Table Decor

If You have kids or other kids’ invites as the guests will join you at the dining table on Christmas Eve, this Vintage Toy, like a truck or animal decor, is a perfect theme. Spread a tablecloth piece in the middle of the table.

Keep the vintage truck in the center of the table. Decor the truck toy with pine cone leaves or berry leaves. Use berries or small pom-poms to add shiny and colorful vines to the dining table decor.

Organize the plates and drink glasses around the tablecloth on the dining table.

Use the wood stars or stars made up of cards to add a more creative touch on the plates or around the toy truck kept on the dining table.

Vintage Toy Dining Table Decor

15. Decorative Touches Dressing

The theme is not only about covering the surface with decorative stuff and food items. When it comes to decoration, you can also decorate the table and chairs with the decorative dressing table cover and chair cover and decorate them with the decorative Tie stuff.

Wrap white or festive touches printed table cover on the dining table. Wrap the edges of the dining table and tie them with the dining table legs in a decorative manner.

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Use the decorative pins, bands, and ribbons to decorate the table edges. In the same way, you can also cover the dining table chairs with the chair dressing.

Also, wrap decorative material like ties or ribbons around their back to make them gorgeous and impressive.

Decorative Touches Dressing

16. Recycle Christmas Candle Holders

If you are looking for DIY decor to make Christmas Eve decoration affordable, recycling old jars, bottles, or candle holders is a great way. This theme needs recycled items, but it is worth trying and giving your dining table a new and fresh touch.

Paint the bottle or candle holder green to give them the illusion of a mini Christmas tree. Use white paint to create the creative curves and lines illustrating the Christmas tree decor.

Use a few ornamental decor things to add a touch of colorful creativity to your dining table.

Keep the plates and fruit boxes around the recycled Christmas candle holders.

Recycle Christmas Candle Holders

17. Garland Draping Dining Table Decor

Garlands are draped over the doors and stairs, but have you ever wondered if you can make your dining table stunning with them? Pick up the festive garland, and drape it over the edges of the dining table carefully so that they don’t fall off easily.

You can also organize them around the eatables, fruit baskets, or jars in the middle of the dining table.

If you don’t want to drape them on the dining table edges, hand them on the edges of the dining table. They will look stunning with their chic minimalistic attractive vibes.

You can pair the garlands with the Wreath or mix both the garland and Wreath to create a new look for the decoration.

Garland Draping Dining Table Decor

18. Glass Jars Storage Decoration

This theme is worth trying if you use a small dining table with only space for necessary items like food or beverages. Pick up the transparent decorative glass jars, and you can easily put and pick up food or drinks from them while serving your guests.

Use the cookies and food items that look gorgeous from the jar surface. Do the same for the drinking glasses or jars.  To add a minimalistic, creative look, you can also use the festive touch print jars to store these items.

And don’t forget to keep Christmas crackers in one of the decorative jars to create little colorful vibes abstract.

Glass Jars Storage Decoration

19. Candy Cane Place Holders

Christmas Eve is the right time for utilizing the candies and flaunting the candy holders. If you are looking for an affordable DIY Christmas decor idea, this theme is perfect for elevating the look of your dining table.

To prepare the candy holder, you will need cards, hot glue to stick the things, and make the candy canes by adhesion. You can use the variation technique to add a creative look by adding several hues like pink, green, and red.

Once the holders are ready, pick up the cards to make the dining table serving area personal. Write the name of the people on the card who will join you at the dining table this Christmas Eve, whether your family or guests.

Place the candy holders with the cards in scattered manners so they can cover the eating plates and serving surrounding them by filling your dining table.

Candy Cane Place Holders

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20. Tiered Tray on Dining Table Decor

The tired tray works like the Christmas centerpiece theme, with a little touch of variation. You can use them to add the brilliance vines and make them minimalistic instead of messy.

So you can style the Christmas festive decorative things in the tiered tray. Organize the eatable sites in one of the trays and drink items in another layer.

Fill the empathy space with festive decoration stuff. If you want to avoid mixing the eatables and beverages in the tired tray, use a separate Tired tray or organize them on the dining table.

You can keep the tired tray only for decorations for Christmas Eve, according to the comfort and look you want to create.

Tiered Tray on Dining Table Decor

21. Oversized Decorative Papers on The Dining Table

Decorate the Dining Table with Oversized Decorative papers and Props. You can organize them in the middle of the table as the center of attraction.

Keep the eating and beverages things around the decorative papers or props. If there is still enough space, you can always decorate the side edges of the dining table with decorative paper props.

While decorating the dining table, ensure you don’t cover the table area in front of the dining chair. Clear that so guests can easily consume the food you serve them on Christmas Eve.

You can fill the Empty area with oversized Pom-poms, as they give a brilliant look to the dining table and are easy to organize.

Oversized Decorative Papers on The Dining Table

Final Words

Everybody wants their dining table decor to be impressive, decorative, eye-appealing, and a great mood-changer for Christmas Eve. Organizing the dinner table with the table design, color, eatable serving items, and look you want is the way to get there.

This post showed you 21 inspiring dining table decor ideas that don’t require much effort, and you can easily change your dining table’s look and impressive view.

This post has covered from the scattered candles to the rustic pine woodland, glittery pine cones to unique tableware with simple dining tables, festive foliage in a vase to festive touch prints, minimalist Christmas dining table decor to multiple Christmas tree decor, wreath decor theme to the centerpiece, glass jar decorative theme, Tiered troy ideas, decorative dressing of dining table and much more.

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