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The healing powers of lavender, with its purple blossoms and aroma, have long been appreciated. And the way it releases stress is just wow. You can maximize the benefits of this amazing plant by making your own DIY Lavender Spray. 

In this fast and continuous world where there is no time for a pause, you may wish for moments of relaxation. Although it is kind of difficult to find leisure and peace in this crowded world, it is, however, definitely a necessity. So, what would be your go-to mode of relaxation?

Well, mine is surely some essence of lavender that offers a lovely fragrance for me to calm down.  You can incorporate lavender’s relaxing effects into your everyday life with some easily accessible items and a bit of your imagination.

To provide some calmness to your surroundings, join us in creating a wonderful Lavender spray, which is also an amazing air freshener.

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Why Choose Lavender?

If you wish to unwind and feel good, then the fragrant qualities of lavender can be your mode to relax. You may use the advantages of this adaptable herb in a handy form by making your lavender spray.

But before that, let’s talk about why Lavender is our top choice here for making a DIY spray.

Why Choose Lavender

The Mediterranean area is home to the aromatic herb known scientifically as Lavandula or what we call Lavender. It is renowned for having soothing and healing qualities. Linalool and Linalyl acetate are two substances found in lavender that contribute to its calming and stress-relieving properties.

It decreases anxiety, encourages relaxation, helps with sleep, and cures insomnia.

Lavender is also well known for soothing mild burns and skin irritations. And, of course, how can we forget about its air-freshening effect?

What You Need?

Detailed Steps for Your DIY Lavender Spray

Detailed Steps for Your DIY Lavender Spray

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1. Get All the Required Stuff

You need first to choose a pure and high-quality Lavender essential oil as it will be your core ingredient, and thus, it needs to be the best. For your spray’s neutral base, Distilled water is required.

You may choose any of the carrier oils mentioned above for a moisturizing effect of your spray. Definitely go for a cleaner glass spray bottle that will carry this magic potion, and it must possess a fine nozzle.

Once you are done preparing the spray, you will want an easier way to pour all the content into your spray bottle, and to prevent you from spilling, a funnel will do the work.

2. Go for The Best Essential Oil

When you desire perfection from a result, you need to give a similar input. To get the best Lavender fragrance from the spray, you must get a supreme quality Lavender essential oil that is completely pure and organic.

The lavender essential oil, which is not organic and has all kinds of artificial chemicals, will never give you the desired result. Only a 100% pure and organic Lavender essential oil, when sprayed, will give you a feeling of being present in a Lavender plant field.

3. Select a Spray Bottle

While choosing a spray bottle for your solution, do ensure that you opt for a clean and dry one. Also, a glass bottle for this purpose will provide longevity to your spray, and if you are wondering why you should go for a glass bottle, then here are a few effective reasons.

  • Since glass is impermeable and non-reactive, it won’t affect or change the composition of the essential oil you are pouring into it. This guarantees that the essential oil of Lavender maintains its strength and effectiveness throughout time.
  • Plastic containers, particularly those manufactured by specific types of plastic, have the potential to release toxins into their contents, especially when in touch with essential oils. Glass serves as a secure container for items containing essential oils since it is chemically inert.
  • Glass bottles made in amber or cobalt blue have the extra benefit of shielding their contents from harmful UV light and thus are frequently used for this purpose. When you are using essential oils or similar natural items, it is crucial to have easily washable and sanitized glass bottles on hand. Once done, you may use them for your next DIY task.
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4. Combine Your Ingredients

It’s time to mix the essential ingredients that will make up the lavender spray’s core after you are ready with your clean and dry container. This phase is essential for striking the ideal balance between aroma and effectiveness.

Distilled Water

Distilled Water

About 1.5 cups of distilled water should be properly added to the spray container. Due to its cleanliness, distilled water is the best option since it makes sure that there are no pollutants that might reduce the effectiveness of the lavender essential oil.

This neutral foundation offers a clear canvas on which the fragrant essence may stand out.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil

Now, add the essential oil, which is the heart of your Lavender mist. Count out around 20 to 30 drops of this priceless elixir with a steady hand and then pour it into the bottle in a lovely cascade.

Your Lavender essential oil’s quality and purity are crucial since they serve as the core foundation for the spray. You will soon appreciate the fragrance after pouring it.

Any of Your Carrier Oil

Any of Your Carrier Oil

If you want to boost the lavender spray’s moisturization ability, choose to use a tablespoon of carrier oil. Sweet almond, Jojoba, or Coconut oil are a few options that might improve the spray’s capacity to nourish the skin.

With this inclusion, the spray guarantees to leave the skin with a soft, relaxing touch in addition to pleasing the senses. Now close and adjust the spray bottle and the nozzle as you need and use it.

Observe the artful ingredients merging slowly as you pour each of them into the container. The harmonious interaction of essential oil, distilled water, and carrier oil results in a symphony of relaxation and well-being.

A natural, scented masterpiece is about to be created, so take some time to enjoy this metamorphosis.

Tips to Get the Best Out of Your Spray

You can, of course, make an amazing Lavender spray once you follow these steps, but if you wish to create something different and add a personalized touch to it, then you must go the extra mile to get that.

1. Use a Remarkable Carrier Oil

If you want to use your Lavender spray directly on your skin, then it might be a pleasant addition to increase its moisturizing capabilities. To enhance the nurturing benefits, think about adding one of the following carrier oils.

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Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet Almond Oil

This mild, hypoallergenic oil is full of vitamins and emollients, which makes it an excellent choice for skin nourishment. Dry or sensitive skin types might benefit the most from it.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is a great option for addition because it resembles that of skin’s natural oils. It is quickly absorbed, making it a potent moisturizer that doesn’t leave a greasy residue.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Fractionated coconut oil, a thin, odorless oil that absorbs fast, is a great emollient. It does not clog pores, and you will get silky smooth skin with its application.

A carrier oil adds to the moisturizing benefits of your spray while also giving your skin a wonderful sensory experience that makes it feel pampered and renewed. If you want that luxurious feel, then add these oils to your Lavender spray and enjoy the most fragrant and smooth benefits of it.

2. Use Your Creativity

Utilize your imagination to add a unique touch to your lavender spray. Combining complimentary essential oils can provide a unique fragrance and kind of aroma therapy for you.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Add a few drops of Eucalyptus essential oil for an energizing change. With this addition, a revitalizing ingredient is concluded that is ideal for reviving areas and encouraging relaxed and effortless breathing.

Chamomile Essential Oil

Chamomile Essential Oil

The relaxing effects of chamomile combine well with the calming effect of Lavender to produce a mixture that encourages relaxation and reduces stress.

You may create a distinctive sensory experience that meets your individual needs by modifying your lavender spray with different essential oils.

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3. Storing Lavender Spray for a Long Term Use

Maintaining the Lavender spray’s potency will allow you to get its advantages for a longer length of time. For the best experience, adhere to the following storage recommendations:

  • Away from heat and direct sunshine, keep your spray in a cool and dark place. This ensures that the essential oils don’t lose any of their therapeutic potency and that your spray keeps working as intended.
  • Shake the bottle gently before using it each time. This makes it easier for the essential oils to disperse uniformly throughout the mixture, ensuring that each spray provides a fragrant and aromatic experience while calming you down.

You may keep your Lavender spray effective and dependable in your pursuit of relaxation and well-being by adhering to these storage guidelines.

4. Application 

You may use your Lavender spray for various purposes as per your requirements and needs. For a good night’s sleep, spray it on the bed sheets. To relieve sunburns or other mild skin irritations, mist the area well.

To freshen up your living area, you may use it as your room or linen spray. You may also apply the spray for a relaxing effect on the pulse points.

Before applying your spray to the skin, try it on a small area first, especially if you are using a carrier oil. Sometimes, a product might not work well for you if you have sensitive skin, so it is better to take a patch test before its actual application. Applying a tiny quantity of diluted spray to a small, discrete area, such as the inside of your wrists or elbow, is a straightforward technique.

A minimum of 24 hours should pass before you check for any possible allergic reaction or skin sensitivity. This precaution is particularly important if you have included a carrier oil in your combination because certain people may have particular sensitivities.

Although Lavender is often regarded as being harmless, it is still advisable to use caution, especially if you have animals or children at home. Keep the Lavender spray out of their reach and in a safe place. By avoiding spills and unintentional intake, you may continue to use the spray as a routine.

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5. Some Precautions

Lavender is one of the several essential oils that may irritate your eyes. Avoid getting the spray in your eyes by being cautious while applying it. If it happens, immediately wash your eyes with cold, clean water for a while. Immediately seek medical assistance if discomfort continues.

Before using any essential oil-based products, you should speak with a healthcare practitioner and an expert if you are expecting, breastfeeding, or have any medical condition or allergies. Although Lavender is usually safe for most people, it’s crucial to make sure that it fits with your health needs.

By following these safety guidelines, you may use your homemade lavender spray with assurance, knowing that you have done the essential safeguards to guarantee a secure and enjoyable experience.

Wrapping It Up

You have started a path of self-care and well-being by making your DIY Lavender spray. With its medicinal qualities, this fragrant elixir provides moments of peace despite the rush of contemporary life.

The uses of this Lavender spray are many, from soothing linens to nourishing skin. Its soothing embrace relieves the day’s stresses on the body and mind. Use the highest quality oils and a cleaner and dry bottle to keep and store your spray for a longer time.

Remember, safety must be your top priority, so do a patch test, and as warned earlier, keep the spray far from the reach of children or animals. Give self-care some importance as it is not just a spray but your introduction to moments that are relaxing, calm, and just wonderful.

So follow these detailed procedures and make a fragrant and soothing Lavender spray. Also, don’t forget to share with us how it worked for you.

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