Bandha Bikes Project


  • Approximately 62% of rural Ugandan households spend more than 30 minutes round trip fetching water.*
  • More than one in five females (22%) and one in 10 males (13.5%) in rural Uganda have had no education, and the majority (63% of males and 61% of females) in rural Uganda have attained some primary education only. Studies have attributed the poor school attendance to long distances to and from schools, as well as costs of education.* 97% of those attending government primary school and 75% going to government secondary school must walk to and from school.**

  • The average distance to a government health unit (clinic) in Uganda is 4.6 km and the average distance to a hospital is 17.7 km. About 72% of those needing care must walk to a government health unit.**  48% of rural Ugandan women (age 15-49) say distance to a health facility is a significant barrier to seeking care.*

*UDHS, 2011

**Ugandan National Household Survey, 2009/10

We are dedicated to:

The Bandha Bikes Project is dedicated to improving the well-being of Ugandan families in need by improving access to transportation through the local development and distribution of bamboo bicycles. Across Uganda, achieving basic needs is dependent on one’s ability to access available resources. Great distances in rural areas and the lack of transportation limits a family’s access to food and water, markets, education, health care services, and economic opportunities. Bicycles become the catalyst to link families with essential resources. However, bicycles are not affordable for the majority of Ugandans living in poverty. Riding a bicycle is four times faster than walking, yet only 36% of Ugandans own a bicycle, while the remaining majority have no other option but to commute by foot.  

We are:

The Bandha Bikes team is comprised of young professionals who bring varied experiences and backgrounds to the project, including expertise in bicycle technologies, metal craftsmanship, mechanical engineering, business, and public health. We share a common aspiration of empowering, educating, and strengthening sustainable opportunities and livelihoods across Ugandan communities through our bamboo bicycles.

Our initiative will:

  • Increase access to food, water, local markets, and other necessities of daily living.

  • Increase access to healthcare facilities and services.

  • Increase knowledge and conversation around gender equality, particularly across rural Ugandan villages.

  • Increase opportunities for sustainable livelihoods and local economic growth.

Our goal:

Bandha Bikes aims to improve the well-being of impoverished Ugandans by providing rural communities with economically and environmentally sustainable bicycles. 

You can help by:

  • Sharing your expertise, experiences, and knowledge of international development and community partnerships in African countries for stronger project growth and implementation.

  • Funding ideas and resources to support overseas traveling and supplies.

  • Donating to the Bandha Bikes project.


We welcome your ideas! Please contact Song Nguyen ([email protected]) or Rachel Clement ([email protected]) for suggestions or questions. Thank you!