Hatch International uncovers social challenges and ideas for change from local community members via organized events, awareness campaigns, and market research. Hatch helps realize the potential of these ideas by supporting individuals to discover the entrepreneur within, and encouraging  solution design that meets beneficiaries needs. Hatch also leverages its network to create public and private partnerships to help interested entrepreneurs take their ideas further.

In addition, Hatch acts as an early-stage incubator for select high-potential ideas that emerge from local communities, taking them from idea to launch. Hatch empowers champions of these ideas through the most critical part of realizing a social enterprise, the valley of death. In the valley of death, ideas need enough resources and support to reach a proof of concept. Hatch provides these high-need resources and uses lean development principles to help budding entrepreneurs transform their ideas into viable double or triple-bottom line social enterprises. Their solutions are continuously tested by local beneficiaries and iterated upon to ensure design of appropriate solutions.

Following consistent rigorous evaluation to ensure sustainability of their enterprise, Hatch’s companies graduate and become their own self-sustaining ventures. Graduated companies join the Hatch Alumni network and continue to receive support as needed as they continue to grow and scale their ventures globally.