High Season Rates - September to March Bungee

Jumping from 115 feet high.
Minimum weight 88 pounds and 110 pounds maximum
$15.000 CLP 
$30.00 USD p/p
canopy Canopy
8.200 feet divided into 5 zip lines.
Maximum weight 110 pounds
$11.900 CLP
$24.00 USD p/p
Tandem Flight
(With pilot)
Includes helmet, flight seat, and transport to the takeoff zone 
$35.000 CLP
$70.00 USD p/p
Previous Reservation, minimum 6 people
Includes jacket, pants, mask,
chest protector, genital protector,
gloves, neck protector, marker, air
and 100 ammunition.
$12.000 CLP
$24.00 USD p/p
50 Ammunition reload
 ($5.00 U.S?) p/reload
Climbing Wall
(12 meters (40 feet) Wall)
Includes two routes, rope, harness
and a monitor that ensures you
while you climb.
$4.000 CLP
$8.00 USD p/p
If you are a fan of one of these sports,
bring your own team and play all day
in our forest
$2.500 CLP
$5.00 USD p/p

 Take off rights/pump up
Includes both, the take off as well as access to the inflation
and landing zone. Valid for the entire day.
$3.000 CLP
$6.00 USD p/p
 4x4 Transfer to the takeoff
Includes the transfer of the pilot and his flight equipment
in one of the center´s vehicule. Each shipment has to be payed.
$2.500 CLP p/transfer
$5.00 USD p/p
Includes pilot and team shuttle, from the place where he had the emergency,
to the center of the park, in one of our vehicles. The variables of each case will
determine the final cost of the bailout.
$30.000 CLP
$60.00 USD

Recuerda / Remember!

March to October
Sat-Sun from 10:00 to 17:30
Closed if Raining

November to February
Fri-Sat-Sun from 10:00 to 19:00

35 minutes away from Santiago´s Downtown, at Cajón del Maipo´s entrance.
Las Vizcachas Sector

[email protected]
Phone: 871 2110
Cell Phone: 6 209 9130

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