Free Flight Center, pilots and apprentices for paragliding and hang glidingle´s unique Flight Center

   Our unique features make us national pilot´s favorite place, and an obliged foreign pilot´s destination, where they can enjoy many hours of safe flight and at the end of the day, share in a pleasant environment.

Take-off in Cerro Blanco´s top slope, 1000 masl, with faced orientated wind.

Delta Wing´s take-off ramp

8000 m2 (2 acres) at 700 masl landing field, completely flat, ideal for inflating and sail bending practices.

Private parking lot

4x4 Transport to take-off zone.

Coffe Shop Sandwiches, pies, candy, coffee, hot chocolate, juices, beverages, beer, etc.

Security; we own radio equipment, private vehicles are not allowed to enter or transit in the flight area and kiteelevation is prohibited throughout the park.

Bathroom / dressing rooms for ladies and men.

Rescue  pilot and his team shuttle, from the place where he had the emergency, to the center of the park, in one of our vehicles. The variables of each case will determinate the final cost of the bailout (see rates). If it's a major emergency, GOPE is informed, to proceed to cooperate in the rescue.

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Recuerda / Remember!

March to October
Sat-Sun from 10:00 to 17:30
Closed if Raining

November to February
Fri-Sat-Sun from 10:00 to 19:00

35 minutes away from Santiago´s Downtown, at Cajón del Maipo´s entrance.
Las Vizcachas Sector

[email protected]
Phone: 871 2110
Cell Phone: 6 209 9130

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