Car Arriving

  You must take Av Florida till the end. It'll take you about 25 minutes. Once you pass the Mall "Plaza Tobalaba", the Avenue changes it`s name to Camilo Henriquez, you should go on for another 5 minutes, until a bifurcation, where you should take the left road towards Vizcachas. The street is called "Camino al Volcán", which is the entrance to Cajon del Maipo. Go on for about 1.5 miles, to your left you will see the entrance to our park. We are on the edge of road. You'll notice the climbing wall and bungee crane.

Check the map shown below.
Approximated Time:
From East Santiago: 35 minutes

Public Transportation Arriving

Tomar la línea 4 del metro con destino a Puente Alto, bajarse en la estación "las Mercedes", última parada antes de llegar a Plaza Puente Alto.
Salir hacia la calzada oeste de Av. Concha y Toro y los buses N72 que dicen "Cajón del Maipo" pasan cada ½ hora.
   From "Plaza Italia", take Subway´s "Line 4" with "Puente Alto" direction, get off at "Las Mercedes" station, last stop before arriving the final station "Plaza Puente Alto." Get out on the West side of "Av. Concha y Toro" (Vicuña Mackenna´s extension) where you can find a bus stop on front of a Blockbuster.
   Here you have two options, you can take "Metro-Bus MB-72" (Bus Nº72), which passes by every 7 minutes and is the only one who goes to Cajon del Maipo, or 
you can take a "Colectivo" (Very similar to a taxi) either number 4010 or 4014 that say "Cajon del Maipo" and begin their travel in that same spot. A maximum of four passengers is allowed. 
   Remember telling the driver your stop is Geoaventura Park in "Las Vizcachas".

   There is a third cheaper option but not recommended due it takes too long. It consists on taking the Bus Nº72 at the beginning of it´s journey on the 
Subway´s "Bellavista" Station (C Anden).
Approximated Travel Time: Subway - "Colectivo" from Plaza Italia: 45 minutes
Subway - Bus from "Plaza Italia": 50 minutes
Only Bus Nº72: 1 hour 20 minutes 
Approximated Price: Subway - "Colectivo": $ 1,600
Subway - Bus: $ 1,000
Bus: $ 600


Recuerda / Remember!

March to October
Sat-Sun from 10:00 to 17:30
Closed if Raining

November to February
Fri-Sat-Sun from 10:00 to 19:00

35 minutes away from Santiago´s Downtown, at Cajón del Maipo´s entrance.
Las Vizcachas Sector

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Phone: 871 2110
Cell Phone: 6 209 9130

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