OBP Issue Papers Compare Contracted Maritime Security Models

OBP Issue Papers Compare Contracted Maritime Security Models

Over the coming weeks, OBP will release several issue papers which present, explore, and compare globally diverse models of contracted maritime security. The goal of this series is to summarize and define various types of contracted maritime security models including private maritime security companies, military vessel protection detachments, state affiliated escorts, and coastal state embarked personnel.

This series fits within OBP's broader objective of providing pertinent and actionable information to industry, security organizations, and policymakers to foster a holistic understanding of maritime threats and security efforts at sea. With clear comprehension of existing contracted maritime security models, industry and policy leaders can better design and implement effective regulatory and governance frameworks to improve compliance and enhance oversight, while remaining in line with the operational realities of the various maritime security providers defined in this series.

Privately Contracted Armed Maritime Security

Vessel Protection Detachments

Coastal State Embarked Personnel