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You must be aware that the kitchen is the most important place in every home. It is the place where you create meals along with memories. Well, you must want your kitchen to include all the essential elements; it needs to be completely functional and properly-fitted. It is clear to have proper ventilation as the significant job of the kitchen area is to cook food and cooking includes the stuffy air, tremendous and hot production.

The Center stage is needed to ventilate your kitchen, particularly stovetop/cooktop. Previously, individuals used to cook food under long chimneys. These help in ventilation by providing an outlet for grease, hot air, and smoke.

The areas for the kitchen are lesser in size in today’s scenario as millions of people are residing in buildings or apartments, so the idea for chimneys is unimaginable. In both domestic and commercial settings, the range hoods’ installation offers ventilation in kitchens. Along with maintenance, the efficiency of these range hoods entirely relies on the way of their installation.

During the process of range hood installation, there is one significant aspect to contemplate, and that is the height. It implies that how far the above range should hood be. There are several things to consider before knowing height above the gas range should the vent hood be?

It is quite beneficial to have a range hood above the stove or cooktop. So, your kitchen will indeed smell fresh and pleasant in this manner. However, does the range hood possess adequate space to operate in a well-mannered way? You have to consider some distance regardless of the fact you cook on an induction cooktop or a gas stove.

Before directly jumping to the answer to the question How far above range should hood be, you need to consider various other factors that have a significant influence on this.

Kind of a Cooktop

Before you determine how far the above range should hood be, you need to know the kind of cooktop. There are distinct types of cooktop that may need distinct height for range hood. For instance, more grease will get released by a gas barbecue than an electric cooker.

So, it would help if you considered the accurate height for technical considerations. Go ahead to check various kinds of cooktops along with the suggested range hood heights –

CFM needed for a Gas Range

CFM needed for a Gas Range

During the process of cooking, gas cooktops produce stuffy and hot air. You need to be more cautious in the event you possess a professional gas cooktop as these come with higher burner output than conventional gas cooktops.

18’’ canopy wall hood is the standard range hood for the professional gas cooking ranges. It is the kind of range hood that needs to be installed above the cooktop at the height of 30’’ to 36’’. For professional gas cooking ranges, there is another type of range hood, and that is the vent hood liner/insert. It is styled explicitly for its installation above the cooktop in a custom cabinet.

Wood is the most common material used as the majority of the standard hoods are styled to relate to the cabinetry of the kitchen. Because of the wood cabinet, this kind of range hood needs ample clearance from the cooktop. And above the cooking surface, 36’’ is the suggested height for installation.

The chimney-style hoods and conventional under cabinet hoods are somewhat common. Only from the cooktop to the range hood’s bottom, these kinds of range hoods need at least 30’’ clearance. The island/freestanding style range hoods get installed for the island kitchens. In contrast to the different models that have the support of the wall, these types get supported with the help of the ceiling.

30’’ clearance gets needed by a stainless steel range hood, and a wood style island range hood needs at least 36’’ clearance from the cooktop. It is also suggested that the hood needs to be somewhat more comprehensive than the cooktop to include the consideration of the height for the island range hood. For instance, 36’’ is the suggested width for the range hood in the event your cooktop is 30’’.

CFI needed for an Electric Cooktop

, Unlike gas cooking ranges, electric cooking ranges don’t generate a lot of hot air and smoke. So, rather than installing professional range hoods, individuals go with the installation of the smaller vent hood.

For electric cooking ranges, you can install range hoods at a similar height of gas range hoods and also lower as there is less production of grease, smoke escaping, and heat. But, when you determine the correct height for installation, you need to consider safety and the height of the cooking range also.

Appropriate Height for a Range Hood

When you decide the height for the installation of a range hood, your convenience and comfort are supreme as a cooktop user. While you cook, you don’t have to all the time worry about hitting your head on the range hood or don’t want the range hood to block your movement all over the cooktop.

The majority of the individuals go with the installation of a range hood above the eye level. Well, it is quite significant to contemplate that the range hood installation can result in risking your health because of the inconvenient postures if installed inappropriately. So, How far above range should hood be should be taken seriously.

The majority of the suggested heights for installation will do well for the majority of the individuals. However, it would help if you contemplated the height when you decide the height for the installation of your range hood in the event you are taller than the average height people.

Why is there a Need for Maximum and Minimum Distance?

Gas Cooktop

65 cm is the minimum distance in the middle of your range hood and your gas cooktop. The reason behind this distance is the flames. There are high chances that your range hood will catch fire in the event flames are very near to the range hood.

And this is very dangerous. The cooktop heats the pan in the event you kept it somewhat above it when you cook on gas. It will be beneficial in the event you want to go for a job. So, this is the reason behind the higher hanging of range hood than an electric cooktop.

80 cm is the maximum distance suggested. There is a possibility that it will not guzzle all the cooking fumes in the event you hang the hood higher.

So, the maximum distance is 80 cm, and the minimum is 65 cm.

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Electric Cooktop

There isn’t any scope of dealing with flames in the event you are cooking on an induction or ceramic cooktop. As compared to the gas cooktop, it has less minimum distance. Mostly, it is 55 cm; however, you can refer to the manual of the range hood to confirm.

It can differ for model, kind, or brand. 80 cm is the suggested maximum distance. You can’t hold the pan or work above fire due to the absence of flames. There is a possibility that the range hood will not guzzle all the cooking fumes in the event it hangs higher.

So, the maximum distance is 80 cm, and the minimum is 50 cm.

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It would help if you kept this thing in mind that the calculation of appropriate distance is complicated. So, you can call an expert or professional to make sure that the installation of the hood is done at the appropriate height in the event you aren’t skillful in this.

As a result, you will become sure that you are cooking securely. The suggested distance differs by makers for every kind of range hood, so it is useful in the event you refer to the manual.

How wide should the range hood be?

When you decide the height for installation, the capture area of the range hood is a significant aspect to consider. The hood can draw out all smoke and steam from a lower height efficiently and vice versa in the event the capture area of the range hood is larger than the cooktop below.

Cooking Range’s Size

When you decide the height for the installation of the range hood, you need to consider that the cooking range’s size is also a significant aspect. While cooking, more grease and steam will be generated, expanded, and distributed over a greater surface region in the event the cooking range is more extensive. Based on the height of installation, this will influence the productivity of the range hood.

Height of the cooktop

The height of the cooktop is the factor that is mostly ignored when deciding the appropriate height for the installation of a range hood. Consider the height when you install the range hood as it is essential to note the cooktop’s height from the floor to the top. It is done to make sure that no one will bump into the corners of the hood during cooking.

The range hood height needs to be raised for matching in the event your cooktop is more than the average height. But, there should be proper maintenance of distance in the middle of the range hood and cooktop with the suggested limits.

Final Words

Involve an expert kitchen designer in the event you want to know How far the above range should hood be. Indeed, the proper consideration of all the points mentioned in this article is appropriately elaborated, and installation procedures are kept in mind when you involve a professional.

You don’t have to get tensed about the vent system not operating well because of a bad installation or range hood hanging sideways. Hopefully, this article provided you the complete details on the height above the gas range should the vent hood be.



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