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Sustaining the Effort: Combatting Somali Piracy

In 2016, the Western Indian Ocean continued to see limited piracy activity, largely due to at sea mitigation efforts over recent years. However, several attacks in early 2017 highlight the many gaps that still remain.

While incidents of piracy have been reduced, so has the international community’s commitment to a sustained effort to ensure that piracy does not re-emerge. Additionally, very little funding has shifted toward building the capacity of regional maritime forces.

Despite their limitations, regional maritime security entities have had some success in responding to piracy incidents. Supporting their efforts is essential for deterring maritime crimes off of the coast of Somalia.



Singapore Shipping Association

Operationalizing Maritime Security Coordination in the Gulf of Guinea

Christian Trimua, Chief Executive, Interregional Coordination Center



Giles Noakes

A Global View on Maritime Piracy


Giles Noakes, Head of Maritime Security, BIMCO