If you are a fan of virtual reality games or a frequent visitor to virtual reality arcades in Mississauga, then we have some really good news for you! Mississauga is about to experience the Reboot Reality firsthand really soon. This amazing virtual reality arcade intends to become a second home to the virtual reality game players of Mississauga. If you need any more reasons to join the throng of people waiting for its opening, we won’t give you one; we’ll give you 5!

Reason #1: You Can Sink Enemy Fleet

The machine has always been man’s enemy and this game brings the concept home even more completely! Part of Reboot Reality’s virtual reality games, lets you fill in the shoes of a naval commander. Take over and launch all the rockets that it will take for you to sink the enemy fleet.

The game features different classes of hidden ships, including the following:

  • Aircraft Carrier
  • Cruiser
  • Amphibious Assault
  • Destroyer
  • Littoral Combat
  • Submarine

Rockets and true spatial audio that will get you immersed in the game in no time!

Reason #2: You Can See the World

Love to visit different places? Then, we have just the game for you! Destinations is a virtual reality game that will let you visit both imaginary and real places. What’s more, you can have all the fun in a novel place of your choosing with your friends! Some of the game’s features include public lobbies visited by players from all over the world, quests, changeable avatars etc. The experience becomes even more authentic with 3D environments and photogrammetric captures.

Reason #3: Shoot Your Frustrations Away

Had a tiring day at work? School not getting less sucky? We know what might help i.e. playing Chamber 19! In this game, you enter a 3D VR environment while staying in the virtual reality arcade where your enemies are present around every corner. What you have to do is manoeuvre the bullet-ridden Plasma Orbs as your enemies do their best to get to The Central Core. If all that is right up your alley, then we have another nugget that will blow your mind. Chamber 19 also includes a space-based Human testing chamber run by an alien race, Chrum. As they test your mental capabilities, you will be exposed to successively challenging enemies.

Reason #4: Experience Pants-Wetting Horror

Before the game, The Brookhaven Experiment, gets in motion, you get the feeling that something is terribly wrong! The Experiment resulted in humanity almost become extinct when it tore a hole through reality. Unsure of your ammo and without knowing if you are the last person alive, you get ready to go to battle with monsters. Your job is simple: survive long enough to fill up the hole that is letting the monster spawn in! The monsters get more horrific, the going gets tough, and yet you don’t let that stop you. Mississauga needs you. The world needs you!

Reason #5: Hunt Dinosaurs

Okay, that might not be completely true. If you choose to play the virtual reality game known as Island 359, then it could be the other way round. The game contains intelligent dinosaurs that might end up hunting you! It all begins when a chopper drops you off and for miles, all you can see is jungle. The sweltering heat does its best to kill you before the prehistoric beasts even get to you.

As the mercenary hired to off these things, you would have the use of tools, such as guns, and knives, as well as, upgrades to survive the hordes. All you have to do is survive until you can get back to the chopper while killing as many of the reptiles as you can!

Reason #6: Farm on Alien Planets

Okay, it might sound like it’s not your thing but there is a reason why Cosmic Trip is a part of the game library in this virtual reality arcade. Once you are on the alien planet, all that you do is to build a cosmobot army. These bots are the line of defence between the enemy and your base. Your intergalactic feud will mean that you capture alien pylons and defeat the aliens at their own game.

The game includes robots flying over to you and swarming to form a ball of death that will be impervious to any alien rebuttals. These bots will also help you capture enemy territories while you make good use of badass futuristic weapons.

Reason #7: Try your Hand at Space Piracy

Thought you’d never get the chance to rock an eye patch and a peg leg. Well, this virtual reality arcade won’t really ask you to do that. However, you can be receive your training in the Space Pirate Trainer game to be a space pirate! In this extremely immersive game, you will have to fight against droids that just keep on coming. Rest assured that any weapons that a Space Pirate might need will be at your disposal as you fight the good fight. Just keep an eye on the incoming lasers, if staying in the top rankings matters to you.

Reason #8: Become a Blade Master and Kick Some Ass

This virtual reality game is known as Lightblade and it lets you train with self-illuminated plasma blades! Need we say more? Well, if we must, then let us not forget that your trainer will be none other than a personal robot! You will learn how to fight with two blades while also mastering multiple training modes. The blades come in different colors and can be unlocked to bear different hilt types!

The mesmerizing 3D visuals are balanced by the authentic fighting sounds that will let you immerse yourself in the Lightblade experience completely. Wait, it gets even better because you get to fight with other blade masters while on a mission!

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