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Whether you are planning for a complete kitchen renovation or want to update to worn-out and outdated kitchen cabinets, finding the right cabinet in a budget price can be a difficult task for many of us. It should be made from high-quality materials and offers multiple features. There are hundreds of kitchen cabinet brands available in the market, and every brand claims their cabinets as one the best. However, only a few of them are good enough to choose.

The best kitchen cabinets on a tight budget are Klearvue cabinets. They are more than just a cabinet. You can do much more with a single cabinet. You can use it in the kitchen, bathroom, garages, and closets as well, which makes it one of the best cabinets. Make sure to check our Klearvue cabinetry reviews before going taking any decision.

The Klearvue cabinets are not luxury cabinets, but if you are looking for cheap and best, then these cabinets will do the job for you. On the advanced side, you can design your custom cabinet online with their u-create tool and can order the same for your household. The cabinets are easy to clean, and with the help of wet microfiber, you can clean the smudges and spills in one swipe.

From traditional to modern, you can select a wide range of styles in Klearvue cabinets. It also includes different textures and colors. You can give your kitchen a fresh look and a new transformation with Klearvue cabinets.

What is Klearvue Cabinetry?

Klearvue is a box cabinets manufacturer which can be found on Menards. Currently, Kleavue offers 13 different styles to choose from. Interestingly you can customize your desired style on their U create Cabinetry Planner Software from Menard’s website. You can order online or visit the Menards store to order Klearvue Cabinet for your kitchen. Menard takes this cabinetry product to the next level with its 250+ possible custom configuration.

Klearvue Cabinet Features

Menards Klearvue Cabinets


Even after continued use, you will not get any wear and tear issues, and your cabinet will still look brand new. The hinges are fitted in the pre-drilled holes, which works perfectly in the long run. Klearvue claims that their cabinets are sufficiently durable and reliable.

Adjustable Legs

Many of you might find it a small detail, but it is worth every penny. The Klearvue cabinets come with adjustable legs, and you can adjust the height of the legs according to your choice.

Made With Care

All the Klearvue cabinets are made with pride and passion. They are easy to use, durable and modern cabinets. The build quality of Klearvue cabinets is top-notch, and they last longer than you think. The cabinet was built with solid 3/4″ thick panels with a polypropylene finish, which makes them fully water-resistant and stain-resistant.

Modular Design

Klearvue cabinets come in over 40 different pre-assembled cabinet box sizes. The good thing is that you can completely customize them in multiple heights and widths, which makes it an ideal cabinetry solution for your kitchen. You will get over 250 different cabinet configurations by combining doors and drawers fronts with the Klearvue cabinet.

Easy Installation

Klearvue cabinets come in ready-to-install boxes. You need to do a little DIY project to assemble things correctly. You can put all the doors and drawers together yourself. However, if you feel stuck somewhere, then you can take help from their installation guides or by checking the demonstration on YouTube. Klearvue is becoming more and more popular because of their seven days delivery along with free shipping.

How to Design Custom Klearvue Cabinet Online?

To create custom Klearvue cabinet design, you need to visit the U Create Software from the Menards website. Start by defining the dimension of your kitchen. Measure the walls where the Klearvue cabinets will go in and the ceiling height and the size and position of any windows or doors.

After then choose from a vast amount of popular cabinetry layouts or create on own by You create software. You can play with different layout and designs until you found the exact one which fulfills your requirement. You can save all your plans to review and compare them later. However, there is a lot of customization available in the software, and a non-tech-savvy guy may fight it too confusing to use. If this is the case, then Menard’s Cabinetry department can assist you with this program.

Once you completed the design, the software will add all the necessary cabinets, doors, molding in your shopping lists to make things easy for you. Now order the product and wait for arrival.

What are the Pros of Klearvue Cabinetry?

Choose from a vast amount of designs or create your custom layout, which makes Klearvue Cabinets a perfect choice for every household. Apart from this, you can design hidden drawers as well to safeguard your precious things from burglars. The good thing is that if your doors break or get a big scratch, then you can completely replace it, which is a thumbs up for you. The outside of the cabinet door is easy to clean, and you can wipe out smudges and spills with a microfiber cloth.

The Klearvue cabinets are sufficiently durable and sturdy to hold the right amount of weight in it. On the advanced side, you can add more drawers and shelves into your already made cabinets later. The U Create software makes the designing process easier for you. You can edit, redesign, or change layout unlimited times until you found the exact one that fulfills your requirements and fits best for you. Finally, Klearvue offers adjustable legs, which are cherry on the cake. You can adjust the height of the legs of the cabinet according to your choice, which makes Klearvue cabinetry an ideal choice for your kitchen.

Cons of Klearvue Cabinetry:

Menards Klearvue Cabinets Review

We looked at all of the pros of Klearvue Cabinets. So let us talk about what is the cons

  • The cover panels could be made from better quality materials because the edge of the cover panels can be chipped easily at the cut edge. You can fix this issue by paining the chipped area or by using the white band.
  • The inside door did not coat with easy to clean coating like the outside. It is harder to clean them compared to the outside doors.
  • The hardware is that comes with the cabinets is not made from high-quality material like the cabinet panels. If you want more durability, then buy the equipment separately from any local store or online.
  • If you buy the fully assembled cabinets, that might cost you some pennies for adjusting the cabinet as the labor charge.
  • Pantry cabinets and all the drawers need to be assembled by yourself.
  • Suppose you live far from the manufacturer’s shop. Then there will be a chance that your cabinets can be a break while delivering and you must replace them, which is very inconvenient.
  • And last but least, you have to use filler materials to fill all of the space that you didn’t use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Klearvue cabinets suitable?

Yes, the Klearvue cabinets are strong enough to hold the right amount of weight without any issues. The offices are reliable and made of high-quality materials. Only a few brands offer custom layouts, and Klearvue is one of them.

What company makes the best kitchen cabinets?

Brands like Forever mark, Cubic, and Fabuwood are making the best kitchen cabinets. However, they are considered luxury kitchen cabinets, which is costly. If you are looking for cheap and reliable kitchen cabinets, then check out our Klearvue cabinetry reviews. They are the ideal cabinet for your kitchen, and they will not make a hole in your pocket.

Do Klearvue cabinets come assembled?

No, the Klearvue cabinets do not come pre assembles. They need to be constructed in your home for easier handling and transportation. However, the holes are pre-drilled, which makes the assembly process easy for you.

What is the best time of year to buy kitchen cabinets?

According to a survey, we found that the best time of the year to renovate your kitchen cabinets is during November and December. Many companies give reasonable offers in this period, and it is easy to find good contractors in this season.


The technology of the cabinet has improved so much. People are more likely to choose modern kitchen cabinets compared to traditional cabinets. The durability and reliability of the Klearvue cabinets from Menards are surprisingly excellent. They are cheaper than IKEA cabinets but offer the same quality, which makes them a perfect choice for your kitchen.

After checking our Klearvue cabinetry reviews, you will know how easy it is to design your kitchen with their cabinets. If you take proper care and maintenance of Klearvue cabinets, then they will last longer for decades without any issues. To make quality care, you can check the. Overall I highly recommend the Klearvue cabinets for your kitchen if you are looking for affordable kitchen cabinets with good quality.



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