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Linen Source has been a prominent and trusted name when it comes to chic and stylish bedding and lifestyle store with top-notch quality along with a multitude of design variations to adhere to a vast range of customers.

It has earned a line of loyal customers through impressive service and policies apart from refined products. The welcoming and user-friendly approach helps them to maintain lasting relationships with their consumers and helps in enhancing the overall user experience.

Since its inception in 1943, Linen Source has been providing quality home décor pieces. With impressive retail and outlets, the brand’s e-commerce website is also widely accepted since it aired in 1991 with the concept of mail catalog.

It has been a paramount catalog and e-commerce brand with an immense range of chic and fine-quality sheets, comforters, coverlets, bedspreads, and quilts in various collections that can effortlessly be mixed and matched to cater to any given aesthetic.

Apart from the celebrated bedding range, Linen Source also owns a promptly curated selection of exquisite home décor embracing curtains, rugs, sheets, and attractive décor accessories.

Products Overview

Linen Source has made a place in their customers’ hearts by crafting high-end home accessories, be it luxurious bedding sets, lush bath liners, impressive tableware clothes, and other little but well-curated products.

  • Silky soft sheets that ensure total warmth and comfort for a perfect bed. The sheets have deep pockets and are cushiony soft.
  • Feathery light comforters from Linen Source are much of a blessing during cold winter nights. The prime advantage is the fluffy, filled comforters that keep you warm without all the weight. The quilts can be easily washed with washable duvet covers, and the various color and style options add to the aesthetics factor.
  • There are numerous styles to choose from, all sorts of solid colors, abstract patterns, or floral patterns that can be easily mixed and matched to match your theme and color palette.
  • The pricing is not too bizarre. Linen Source has been a consumer favorite due to the quality which one can take to come without hurting the pocket much. Linen is a bit expensive fabric, but the styles, durability, and comfort factor make it seem somewhat reasonable.
  • The options are endless. Contemporary and modern designs, or traditional or vintage designs, Linen Source, has got it all. The diversity also attracts a fair bit of attention.
  • Comprehensive size ranges help the users choose from a wide variety of sizing options to come up with the most appropriate alternative for their unique homes.

  • The bath liners range is quite attractive, offering enormous themes, styles, textures, and sizes options. The towels ensure warmth after the bath to keep the energy and comfort going throughout the day.
  • The hosiery range does not fail to impress. Linen Source also retails an extensive line of hose, including chic rugs, cushion covers, tablecloths, handkerchiefs, napkins, and so to meet all in all houseware requirements.

Customer satisfaction is primary at the Linen Source house. The designers regularly strive to provide the best quality end products with the highest value for the money invested. The rates are impressively lenient in contrast to the chic styles and an abyss of options to choose from.

Current Situation and Acquisition

Linen Source is the brainchild of the Bluestem Brands clan of online retailers and businesses. The brand has recently decided to divest Linen Source by strategically implementing its resources and concentration on creating a well-balanced brand portfolio.

The idea is to create a loyal consumer fan base by allotting assets to the customers allowing them to get more engaged with the brand and its offerings helping the clan root for a more permanent base with a strong affection for the Linen Source brand.

Consumer Engagement

Linen Source has been in constant contact with all its customers through various mass media mediums, including its website, mail service, catalogs, emails, and social media platforms.

The continual interaction with the individual customers has escalated their sales and helped the brand become a household name in no time with large orders received through calls, emails, and direct messages. The website, too, generated a fair amount of revenue for the company.

Maintaining Consumer Databases

Luxury Linen

The Linen Source brand maintains the immaculate databases of all their consumers with individual email addresses and physical addresses to keep them up with all the new additions and updates.

The company regularly communicates with the customers emailing them at least four times a week, updating them about every little aspect and tempting them through peppy deals. Apart from the online medium, physical communication systems are also mastered by sending out timely catalogs to inform the customers about what is new and in trend, which all of which earns the company hefty revenue.


The communication tactics have earned the Brand impressive figures through different media. The quality is impeccable, and the master marketing gets the brand through and collects huge revenues by providing high service.

About Linen Fabric

Linen is a fine houseware fabric that is obtained from the flax plant. It is an impressively absorbent and robust material that makes it apt for use during the warm and humid summer times.

It is predominantly used for tableware, bathing towels, kitchen towels and napkins, beddings and pillowcases, curtains, and all sorts of clothing, including shirts, tops, skirts, blazers, lingerie, vests, and sleepwear for ages. It is a quick-drying fabric and helps reduce heat retention during hot weather.

It is more resource and time exploiting and intensive fabric when compared to cotton, but it is specific unique attributes and helped it retain the market. Linen is admired for its durability and light feel. It has an industrial use of making canvases for drawing and painting purposes.


Linen fabric is a slightly expensive fabric as compared to its contemporary cotton fabric. Its strength, quality, and durability justify it being a rather elite fabric being used by the aristocracy over the ages. The woven fabric costs around $5-$12 per yarn remaining to be the priciest natural fiber there is.

Types of Linen Fabric

Plain woven linen

Plain-woven Linen is highly durable and is prominently used to make cotton towels, dish towels, and hand towels.

Damask linen

Damask linen fabric is delicate and elaborate. It is woven on a jacquard loom and hence looks like embroidery. This also leads to their exclusive use of decorative items.

Sheeting linen

Sheeting linen fabric is used for manufacturing apparel due to its close weave and texture-less soft surface. Sheeting linen fabric generally has a higher thread count in comparison to the other linen fabrics.

Loosely woven Linen

Loosely woven linen fabric is reasonably absorbent but lacks on the durability scale among the various linen fabric types. This type of linen fabric is used to manufacture sanitary napkins and reusable diapers.

Acquisition by Orchard Brands

Around a decade ago, Orchard Brands announced their acquisition of the master linen bedding producer Linen Source. The Linen Source brand hence joins the self-marketer’s family comprising over a billion members along with businesses like Appleseed’s, Norm Thompson, Monterey Bay, Intimate appeal, Bedford Fair, and many more.

About Orchard Brands

Orchard Brands is a paramount multi-channel marketer of clothing and house-ware products as a portfolio brand of the Golden Gate Capital company. It is said to lay its prime focus on answering the needs of the elderly (above 60) members of the society, which is swiftly emerging as a profitable market segment.

The Orchard brands promise quality service and high-end products to their customers employing physical mail catalogs and e-commerce platforms to serve the best. The brand owns around 17 child brands that cater to over billions of revenues.

The CEO of the Orchard brand companies showed his gratitude upon taking over the leading homeware producers Linen Source explaining how they wish to expand their scope and reach a full bracket of consumers through innate brands, quality service, and classy execution.

Linen Source Alternatives

Linen Source has been a leading homeware industry, juggling under varying parent companies over time without compromising on the quality factor. There has been a rise in the number of hosiery industries over the past years, and many have succeeded in matching Linen Source with the quality aspect.

Here is a list of prospective brands that have emerged and thrived well in the past years, leaving a mark on their consumers.

Ten Grove

Impressive user reviews and high ratings have helped the brand emerge as a favorite over time.

Under the canopy

Good ratings and positive reviews and the price factor aid this brand get higher.

Linen tales

The brand has earned high user ratings and favorable reviews.

Luxor linens

The brand has impressive ratings on online websites and other platforms with excellent quality products. The reviews are quite supportive.

Bed threads

Bed threads have also earned excellent reviews and ratings over time through quality service.


The brand has successfully attained high ratings and positive reviews over the past years.

Rough Linen

Rough Linen is another brand that has gained user satisfaction and support through high-end service.



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