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Manufactured by the US Floors, you can buy Coretec vinyl plank flooring online and even at flooring stores. You must be searching for the coretec flooring retailers near me. Prices begin from a moderate range. The most costly lines in the market include the Coretec premium lines. However, you can get top-notch quality for the price also. 

This brand creates a great number of lines, and so their distinction is quite tricky. So, you will get to know complete details on Coretec and coretec flooring retailers near me. 

Reviews of Coretec Vinyl Plank Flooring

Coretec Vinyl Plank Flooring

Plus, and Pro Plus are the two significant collections by Coretech vinyl plank flooring. 

The original and genuine Coretec LVP/LVT is the Plus line. 

  • Six lines of tiles and planks
  • Soft flooring that is contemplated perfect for light commercial and residential utilization
  • 8 mm thick tiles and planks. With a 3 mm cork backing, you can consider 12 mm Premium line
  • For stability and strength, it comes with waterproof vinyl core improved with limestone, bamboo dust, and recycled wood

The new one is the Pro Plus

  • Three lines
  • 4-5 mm thick tiles and planks
  • Waterproof compressed vinyl/polymer core
  • Hard flooring that is contemplated an excellent selection for moderate to bulkier commercial applications
  • Dependable and great for dent safety and great traffic regions because of extra top-bottom layers

Reviews of Coretec Plus Luxury Vinyl Flooring 

Coretec Plus Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Check a quick description of the below-mentioned six lines – 

Coretec One Vinyl Flooring Review

It comes under the most reasonable vinyl plank flooring of the brand. The attached pad is not there in this single Coretec vinyl.

  • Colors – Light to Dark blend incorporating multi-tonal options
  • 12 styles 
  • Comes in only wood
  • 6’’ x 48’’ planks

Coretec Plus Plank and Tile Vinyl Flooring

These come under the category of the most prominent flooring lines. Fantastic collection in tiles and planks is offered by the brand – 

  • 12’’ x 24’’ tiles. 48’’ length and 5” or 7” width of the planks
  • Approx 50 styles are included or discontinued after some time
  • Stone-look tiles and wood-look planks
  • Colors – Entire range of darks, grays, medium, and light. You can have several options for color preference

Coretec Plus XL Flooring

It comes with the identical features and builds up like the Plus planks mentioned above, excluding from the planks and planks are more in size, i.e., 9’’x72’’. With fewer butts and seams, the more significant planks offer any floor a different appearance.

  • Approx 20 styles
  • All the types have a natural hardwood look for floor
  • The planks are more massive among any other brand, and that is 9’’ wide
  • Colors – Usually come in grays, darks, and mediums; however, a smaller number of light colors are there. The XL planks provide a great blend of neutral, calm, and warm tones. 

Coretec Plus Enhanced Vinyl Flooring

All the four sides are painted and beveled because of the LVP and LVT. The main motive behind this build-up is to offer the planks the practical and realistic stone and wood look. 

Well, Coretec Plus lines are identical to these. The options include Tiles, Planks, and XL Planks.

  • Approx 50 styles
  • 7’’ wide planks. 9’’ wide XL planks. 12’’ x 24’’ tiles
  • Tiles give natural stone appearance incorporating slate, limestone, and granite. Wooden look of planks is available in these.
  • Colors – Tiles and standard-size planks come in dark and extra medium colors. However, there are lights and grays also. The XL planks come in medium and extra light tones instead of dark. 

Coretec Plus HD and Design Vinyl Flooring

In costly shades and colors, these are high-end vinyl flooring that mostly makes use of planks having various tones. 

EIR, i.e., “Embossed in the register,” is for the Plus HD planks. This term is used in production, which implies that original wood planks having rich wood grain are utilized for the creation of the molds. 

The final result of HD planks offers a genuine feel instead of standard planks because of deeper graining. To provide extreme texturing in feel and appearance, the Design Series is getting embossed also.

  • 4’’ or 7’’ HD planks. Amazingly impressive are the 180’’ Design planks that are 21’’ wide
  • Come in wood
  • Approximately 15 HD styles and 6 Design styles
  • Color – Entire range. With extra interest in visual, most are multi-tonal for floor

Coretec Plus Premium Vinyl Flooring

Approximately 20 options in 72’’ planks, this comes under the top line of Coretec. 12 mm thickness is the feature that sets this flooring apart from the other ones as it offers original hardwood flooring. 

Coretec makes use of a 3 mm cork pad instead of a standard 1.5 mm pad. It implies that to develop a calmer, warmer, and smoother floor, the patented Coretec build-up is improved. 

It comes with a 4-sided bevel similar to the Plus Enhanced line that provides a cool finish.

  • Come in all wood types – majorly pine, walnut, and oak
  • 7’’ and 9’’ width of planks
  • Approximately 20 styles
  • Colors – A great blend of dark, gray, medium, and light. Numerous are multi-tonal

Coretec Pro and Pro Plus Luxury Vinyl Flooring

These are super solid and thinner LVP and LVT. Pro Galaxy, Pro Plus, and Pro Plus Enhanced are the three broad lines. 

Coretec PRO Galaxy Vinyl Plank Flooring

Having cost less than $3 per sq. Ft; this comes under the category of the budget line. Coretec makes use of SPC, i.e., Solid Polymer Core. 

  • Approximately ten styles
  • All types of styles include wood, majorly oak having some pine. For a different look, numerous are multi-tonal
  • Various colors each in the dark, gray, medium, and light shades
  • Planks are 7’’ in width and 48’’ long. 

Where can one use this?

For commercial settings, this comes under the category of most reasonable Coretec vinyl plank flooring in the event you like Coretec. 

It is perfect for waiting regions, office area, and other spaces that don’t face much traffic like hallways, retail shops, and more. Moreover, it comes with a light commercial warranty of 7 years. 

Coretec Pro Plus LVP Flooring

Here, Pro Plus and Pro Plus XL are your options having 73’’ planks. 

To enhance the floor stability and strength, the Pro Plus flooring has extraordinary top and bottom layers. 

  • Approximately 20 standard and XL options in combination
  • Comes in few pine types dominated by oak and hickory options
  • 7’’ width of planks
  • More colors in the medium; however, you will get grays, darks, lights, and some multi-tone options also. Looking for some great selections for your work isn’t an issue. 

Where to make use of this? 

This is perfect for high-value areas where long-lasting appearances and durability are mandatory. It also comes with a Heavy Commercial warranty of 15 years. 

Coretec Pro Plus Enhanced Vinyl Flooring

To offer stone and realistic wood look, the Enhanced styles come with painted bevels on five sides. The below-mentioned are the options for these planks and tiles –

  • For the fantastic pick of tile and plank options, standard embossing is utilized
  • Most natural and most resounding wood graining because of the HD EIR. 48’’ and 73’’ (XL) planks. 
  • For any commercial and residential setting, approximately 40 tile and plank style options are there
  • Wood and stone tiles, wood planks
  • 7’’ width of standard planks and 9’’ width of XL planks
  • Colors – A great blend. Multi-hued, blended, and solid colors are available.

Where to make use of this? 

For any commercial utilization, these are perfect. Coretec provides three levels of commercial warranty, i.e., Heavy, Medium, and Light. Hallways, educational, medical, government facilities, and high-traffic shops make use of this flooring. In addition to this, this flooring comes with a 15-year Heavy Commercial warranty. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Coretec Vinyl Plank Flooring

US floors have offered this fantastic brand. 

Advantages – Selection and quality are excellent. The most convenient LVP/LVT manufactured is the Coretec Plus Premium having a 3 mm cork padding. The majority of the products come with a lifetime warranty for residential and 10 – 15 years for commercial. 

Disadvantages – Little bit expensive. 20 mils are the thickest wear layer

Where can one buy Coretec flooring?

You must be looking for the coretec flooring retailers near me. Well, you can purchase it from carpet and local flooring stores. You can also purchase various products from Amazon. You can order different samples from Amazon. You can also consider other online sites. The products are affordable and offer free of cost shipping. 

Final Words

Hopefully, this article has helped you in knowing all about Coretec and coretec flooring retailers near me. Coretec luxury comes under the category of the most expensive brands that range from moderate to high-cost options. 

You may get the top luxury vinyl plank flooring for the cost you pay. Exceptional warranties are available with a beautiful and broad selection. You need to go with Coretec in the event you want outstanding, even at a great price. 



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