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In today’s world, people get highly attracted to fancy and luxury kitchen furniture items. Still, some items are expensive but not long-lasting, and if you are looking for long-lasting, affordable kitchen furniture, then the IKEA kitchen furniture is the best option for you.

IKEA is one of the most excellent working modern furniture companies which provides services all over the world. It is one of the broadest companies that manufactures every single article, related to the furniture.

In this article, we are going to discuss the IKEA kitchen cabinets, their properties, and features. But before moving towards it, we need to know what a kitchen cabinet is and what are their uses, and the features of a kitchen cabinet.

The first and foremost cabinet is a simple wooden or plyboard box that contains doors and shelves to store things, and those cabinets used in the kitchens are known as kitchen cabinets. But the best part, you can fit cooking appliances in them, we can say that every counter and installed boxes of the kitchen can be called kitchen cabinets and IKEA produces the best kitchen cabinets.

Usually, kitchen cabinets were constructed at the place of installation but IKEA manufacturers them in their workshop, the only thing, you should do is to measure the place of installation and excellent design and buy which suits your need, or you should go and tell them about the measurements, and your needs.

Kitchen cabinets are made up of many components, and it is hard to describe their structure. Still, here we are going to tell you about the essential components of kitchen cabinets, before going with any kitchen cabinet, check out the IKEA kitchen cabinet reviews first.

Ikea Company – Ikea Kitchen Cabinet Reviews

ikea Kitchen Cabinet

IKEA is a Netherland-based, multinational group of furniture producing companies, and it was founded in 1943 in Sweden. It designs and sells readymade furniture, kitchen appliances, and other accessories related to furniture all over the world. IKEA has been the world’s largest furniture manufacturing dealer since 2008. It provides the best pre-assembled furniture across the nation. This article is about IKEA kitchen cabinets, and now I will tell you about them.

IKEA is one of the best companies that manufacture the finest, luxury kitchen cabinets all over the world. IKEA sells pre-assembled kitchen cabinets by using high-quality, durable wooden material. They manufacture the kitchen cabinets by using strong and durable material to make them long-lasting. They produced several variations of kitchen cabinets: wall standing, long cabinets, counter cabinets, and many more.

Now we are going to enlist one of the best kitchen cabinets with features manufactured by IKEA.

KNOXHULT Base Kitchen Cabinet

KNOXHULT is one of the best kitchen cabinets, manufactured by IKEA Company. It is a spacious, standing cabinet where you can keep cutlery, pots, and pans also or you can work on the rooftop. It is a pre-assembled kitchen cabinet that includes both drawers and shelves. It has a very luxurious design, has a lightning function in the Interior, and some organizers for waste management.

It can be used as a kitchen counter where you can put cooking appliances and work on the top, or you can order a pre-assembled cooking stove or a sink. It has a smooth surface on both the Interior and exterior. The finishing material makes it scratch, moisture, and heat resistant, and you can easily clean it by wiping it. It has a laminate worktop where you can do any water work and easy to wipe clean.

It has adjustable feet, helps to provide stability in the rough place. IKEA used superior quality hardware, which makes it long last working. It has doors, fitted with metallic hinges to open both left and right sides. It has one long drawer, and some shelves fit with metallic holds by screwing. This cabinet also comes with the adjustment of the sink, water taps, or cooking appliances. It contains, cabinet, shelves, legs, drawers, worktop, doors, hinges, and some fittings.

Overall, in our IKEA kitchen cabinet reviews, we found that this cabinet is an ideal choice for you.

Care instructions:

  • You should clean it with a soft piece of cloth.
  • Do not wash it by applying any harsh detergent.
  • You can also provide more security by applying drawer mats, shelf protectors, or laminated sheets to prevent it from scratches.

Key properties:

Dimensions: 120 cm width × 61 cm depth × 85 cm height and a rooftop of 122 cm.

  • It is made up of high-pressured melamine laminate boards.
  • It weighs about 32.88 kg.
  • It has both shelves and drawers.
  • It consists of high-quality hardware to make it long-lasting.
  • It has adjustable feet to provide stability.
  • This cabinet may be fitted with a sink, tap, and water tap.
  • It has a laminated rooftop and full body.
  • It is a water, heat, and scratch-resistant kitchen cabinet.


  • It is an affordable, mid-range kitchen cabinet.
  • It is made up of excellent building material, water, scratch, and heat resistance.
  • It has adjustable feet.
  • It can be customized by the customer’s choices.
  • It has a laminated exterior.
  • It comes with some alternative adjustments.
  • It has an interior light fitting that provides a luxury look.


  • It has little legs.
  • It has not so an extended warranty period.
  • Its interior organizer is not so good.

Ikea Kitchen Cabinet Reviews

ikea Kitchen Cabinets

KNOXHULT base cabinet is a standing kitchen cabinet that has small but adjustable legs to keep it stable at rough places. It is made up of high-pressured wooden boards with water-resistant finishing material. It comes with some customizable combinations. Altogether it is one of the best creations of IKEA Company that is affordable too. If you are looking for an IKEA kitchen cabinet that looks majestic and should be durable and affordable, then I highly recommend you KNOXHULT base cabinet.

Essential Components of Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinet’s Metallic Frame

Most people like to purchase ready-made kitchen cabinets, and those cabinets are consisting of Interior metallic frames, which keep them in their perfect shape. The metallic frame keeps them safe during shipping and installation.


Doors are the central part of cabinets which used to hide things and close the front view. It contains a handle or something else to open or close. All the kook depends on the doors; that is why they must be smooth, furnished, and lustrous.

Drawers and their Glide

Drawers are also one of the most critical components of kitchen cabinets. Drawers provide the looks to the cabinet and hold things. Cabinets with drawers contain the drawer glides to pull them out or push them in quickly, and that glide we are fitted on the outer sides of drawers.


Hinges are the critical parts of the doors of cabinets. Hinges are fitted on the Interior of doors; it has two points one should be fit in the door and the second on the cabinet walls. They must be made up of high quality because they will be opened a thousand times.

Drawer box

The drawer box helps you to keep the items in it. It is like an open roof box that store item.

Cabinet Shelves

The cabinet contains shelves to store things. Shelves are the piece of board, fitted horizontally in the walls of cabinets. Shelves can be fitted in the walls by screwing metallic holds.


Rooftop is a necessary but essential component of kitchen cabinets, and after all construction, the next work is to fit the rooftop. The roof design varies by the uses, and its design selection choice is of the owner. There are many roof designs, but the selection must be made according to the use.

Finishing Material

The last component of the kitchen cabinets is to finish the look by applying the finishing material. The kitchen is a humid area. There is a lot of use of water, so the kitchen cabinets must have waterproof finishing material. While this finishing material will protect your kitchen cabinets and on other hand it should be shiny and majestic.

Ultimate Kitchen Cabinet Buying Guide

ikea Cabinets for Kitchen

There are following some basic things to keep in mind while purchasing a kitchen cabinet: –

Analyze your Kitchen

Before going further, the first most crucial thing you do is to analyze your kitchen or the place of installation. You must buy that which suits your need, the place of installation and can be easily fitted there.


If you are looking for an IKEA kitchen cabinet, then you must look at the building material and its quality. It must be durable and has the best quality opening parts because it will go to be opened a thousand times.


When you are going to buy any kitchen cabinet, you should check the place of installation and take all the measurements first.


Before purchasing any kitchen cabinets, you should check the available space in it. You will go to keep items in it, so it must be that spacious, which suits your need.


While purchasing any kitchen cabinet, you should look for that, which is durable, waterproof, and present a luxury look. Altogether, you should look for that one, whose finishing material is made up of high quality and looks majestic.


Here we have described all about the IKEA kitchen cabinets reviews and one of their best creation. If you find this article helpful, then kindly comment on your views.

Meta Description: In our IKEA kitchen cabinet reviews, we found that IKEA cabinet is durable and offers tons of features that no one offers at this price point. It is an ideal choice for your home and kitchen.



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