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What seems to be exciting and sophisticated at one time becomes old and boring after a while. What was supposed to be something hard to use becomes an antique piece with no purpose. Intercom is one of those technological advances that keep on advancing, and the earlier versions become something of a dud to use anymore.

Intercoms were cool to use in significantly big houses. The idea of communicating with a faraway room or on a different level, or maybe talking with a visitor standing at the gate, seemed revolutionary. Intercoms became a security concern from mere communicational devices. 

They played a key role, and their descendants still play a crucial role in security. But the problem with old home intercoms needing replacement ideas is because they are wired. Now the technology has evolved for us to have wireless intercoms. 

An elite few even have a video interface set-up, and they can see who is standing in front of their gates. And, this is old news; we have Alexa and AI assistants acting as Jarvis now. So, it is only ideal to find replacements for those old wired home intercoms.

Removing Them!

If you got over these intercoms and did not want to replace them, you can choose to remove them and forget. One cannot remove these systems by themselves as they are wired and have lengthy wirelines inside the walls. You must call a professional to remove these intercom systems. It is a work of a day. 

The professionals who know where and how to pluck these wires make it easy for us. The entire wiring is removed. These wires spread to each room or building that has a connected intercom. 

After a day’s work of removing the intercom and its cables, you are left with holes in the walls! Your next work is to either hire another professional or work it out yourself. It would help if you plastered the walls by applying putty. 

Removing these systems is undoubtedly a good idea because these old intercoms do not even solve the purpose. After all, they are old and have problems of their own. These old gems rarely work but with lots of disturbance. 

So, they are just out there hanging on walls like the paintings that fade away after a long time. But unlike paintings, they are not visual pleasure either. These rusted systems will not feel sad if removed. Better to end theirs and our eye’s suffering by removing and applying putty to the walls.

Hide in Plain Sight!

Home Intercom Replacement Ideas

One of the best home intercom replacement ideas is a big con cover-up! It is to conceal and hide these rusted creatures. Instead of purchasing a new wireless unit or removing the old one, you can protect them with decorations, and now no one knows they exist.

Many people choose to do this as it costs less than even removal. Pretending that they do not exist by covering them up with paintings is a great idea. As intercoms are flat into the wall, they can easily get covered if a photo or painting is hung on them. You cannot use paintings or frames for all the intercoms. 

But you can use multiple things to cover them up; Bookcases, plants, sofas, shelves, and many other furniture you can use. If you try harder, you do not even need to purchase new decor to cover them, and you can try to hide it in plain sight using the already existing items in your house. You can also try to paint on the unit and make it look good, too, even if they have no use at all.

Use Them?

You can choose to use them! Many people have a thing for old things that feel rustic and gives a rush. These antique pieces provide aesthetic pleasure and take back to the days of good memories. For the sake of nostalgia, you might use them instead of looking up home intercom replacement ideas. 

The wires must have been old and chewed off after these many years of usage. The mic or speaker must be filled with dust and all other junk that goes into small holes. Or maybe these systems lost their chip that uses electricity. Perhaps some part has failed and replaced it will make the unit function properly. 

It would help if you found the dealers who still sell these old pieces or offer services. If you find a dealer, it is a fantastic thing because they might replace the spare part you needed. You can buy all the spare parts, get them replaced, and a bit of service can bring them back to life. 

But firstly, you need to hire a professional to look at it and check what the problem is. Expert help is required if you do not know what is wrong with the machine. These experts also tell you what part you need to replace. Few repairmen are in contact with dealers so that they can patch you up a replacement. If it can still be used at the cost of removing it, why lose a sound system? 

You can even lookup for replacements online. Online delivery webpages offer a much more comprehensive range of such spare items—a few additional items are even cheaper than usual. If you are buying the parts online, you will likely not be scammed, at least not as much as the real ones. You can also look for dealers on the internet.

Upgrade it!

Old Home Intercom System

If you do not want to remove it or repair it, you better modify and upgrading the intercom. You can upgrade it to modern parts that offer many more features. Many intercoms are available that are a mere upgrade of those old wired systems. 

So, as you already have the system, all you need to do is buy more parts for the existing intercom. This way, you get to add more features and new components to the old system. 

Modern intercom systems are more fun even to play. If you have kids, they will love these new systems. They offer video, audio, and have voice assistants. It sure is useful if you upgrade an already existing one and make fair use of it.

Official Replacement

Many big companies accept these old systems in exchange for modern intercoms. If you were to purchase a modern and technological intercom, you could exchange the old one. If you have selected the exchange deal online, you must make sure that the product is genuine and the price they give is reasonable. 

Regardless of the costs included, you can now get a modern intercom with video, audio on them. The price is reduced because of the exchange, but it is better not to expect much price drop after exchange. As the intercoms you want to exchange are old and rusty, the company only offers a minimal discount.

Let it Be!

If it is not bothering you, there is nothing wrong with keeping them without servicing or replacing the parts if it is not creeping you out. You can choose to do minor repairs and make it function.

These intercoms must be when you were young and now can still use them. It indeed is nostalgic for one to choose something out of their childhood. You can just let them be as they do not harm you! Rusty looks to give an antique feel too.

Wrap Up

These intercoms are cool, no matter how old and useless they are. It is always a dilemma to upgrade, replace, or remove them entirely. All the ideas are good, but it depends on you and the reason why you need to remove or replace these intercoms.

If there is a specified reason for you to choose one of them, you can undoubtedly proceed with your instinct. But if you think it does not harm you and nothing can be changed by removing or replacing them, they are better to be left alone. Repairing them is not costly, too, if you are looking forward to using them.



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