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The #LETUSALLUNITE project, a Chaplin’s World concept, was developed by NOTsoNOISY Guillaume Reymond. Fun, original and interactive, the idea is to get groups of people from across the world to photograph themselves in various poses. The photos will then be put together to form a letter, and the different letters will be assembled in a giant mosaic to spell out an entire speech.

Musée Chaplin's World

The only museum in the world dedicated to Charlie Chaplin, Chaplin’s World provides a fun, educational and entertaining immersive experience into the world of one of the greatest artists of the 20th century.

Chaplin Office

The Chaplin Office is the sole representative of the Chaplin rights holders companies and the Chaplin family. It also manages the Chaplin archives and greenlights projects related to the life and work of the artist.

Charlie Chaplin Museum Foundation

The Charlie Chaplin Museum Foundation aims to contribute to the development of Chaplin’s World and its future program of cultural and learning activities, in keeping with Charlie Chaplin’s values

NOTsoNOISY Guillaume Reymond

Artist NOTsoNOISY Guillaume Reymond is renowned, among other things, for his mammoth human frescos, bringing together as many as 1,500 people. His videos have garnered more that 30 million views on YouTube