Whoopi to McCain: “Should I be worried about being a slave?”

September 14, 2008 · Filed Under John McCain, News 

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There was an exchange on the View the other day, when John McCain was a guest, that was just ridiculous and inflammatory:

John McCain: My interpretation of the Constitution of the United States is that the United States Supreme Court enforces the Constitution of the United States and does not legislate nor invent areas that are responsibilities, according to the Constitution, of the legislative branch.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck: So it was in how the law came up, it was in how Roe v. Wade came apart was the issue. You, you want it to be through the Constitution from the people not from the bench.

John McCain: And I believe that if Roe v. Wade were overturned, then the states would make these decisions.

Whoopi Goldberg: Sir.

John McCain: Yes?

Whoopi Goldberg: Can you just, and I don’t want to misinterpret what you’re saying. Did you say you wanted strict Constitutionalists? Because that, that-

John McCain: No, I want people who interpret the Constitution of the United States the way our founding fathers envision-

Whoopi Goldberg: Does that-

John McCain: -for them to do.

Whoopi Goldberg: Should I be worried about being a slave, about being returned to slavery because certain things happened in the Constitution that you had to change.

I can’t figure out if this is the ignorance on the part of Whoopi, or if she’s just trying to plant seeds in the minds of voters who don’t know better.

But I think she is probably aware that our founding fathers built in a process for amending the constitution.

And this process has been used 27 times, including the 13th Amendment in 1865: Abolition of slavery.

John McCain is discussing how it is contrary to the way our government was set up for judges to legislate from the bench.

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