Obama, Answer the Question, Sweetie

May 17, 2008 · Filed Under Economy, Fiscal ·  

A few days back, Peggy Agar of WXYZ-TV in Detroit shouted a question to Barack Obama during his appearance at a Chrysler LLC plant in Sterling Heights, MI.

She asked, “Senator, how are you gonna help the American auto worker?”

His response…

“Hold on one second, sweetie. We’ll do a press avail, thanks.”

Obama never got back to her on that question, but he got some heat for calling the female reporter “sweetie.”

So, he called Peggy Agar and left a message to apologize for calling her sweetie, and for not getting back to her.

When asked about it later, Agar said she wasn’t really offended that Barack called her sweetie. She said she “felt more offended that he didn’t answer the question.”

So Obama, what are you going to do to help American autoworkers?

And for anybody who cares about Obama saying “sweetie,” it wasn’t his first time saying it on the campaign trail.

As reported in the New York Times, Obama called a female factory worker “sweetie,” in Allentown, PA last month.