Obama’s Ludacris Politics

August 5, 2008 · Filed Under John McCain, News, Opinion ·  

The eleventh installment of RedHatBlueHat featured Mike Allen, Shawn Collins, Todd Crawford, Jeff Doak, Sam Harrelson, and Tim Jones (until a storm knocked him off).

This installment tackled the latest song to drop by rapper Ludacris in honor of Obama, Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska facing a seven-count indictment accusing him of accepting financial gifts that weren’t reported on his financial disclosure forms, and the rumors of a John Edwards love child.

The modest growth of the U.S. economy for the second quarter was debated, as well as a heated discussion on the torture of terrorists.

The RedHatBlueHat crew also talks about whether they’d like to have a beer with Barack Obama or John McCain, the issue of Obama cancelling a visit to wounded U.S. troops in Germany, and what there is to like about John McCain.

Finally, the chat turned to whether polls are accurate at this point, and speculation over Vice-President prospects on both sides.

Episode 11 runs 75 minutes of ludicrous political banter.

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Barack Obama and Ludacris

Obama Picks the Gym over His Country

July 28, 2008 · Filed Under News ·  

Obama wasn’t able to make time for injured American troops during his field trip to Europe, but he didn’t skip his time in the gym.

Ask not what you can do for your basketball; ask what your basketball can do for you.

Obama is the David Hasselhoff of Politics

July 24, 2008 · Filed Under Foreign Policy ·  

You may be wondering what Barack Obama and David Hasselhoff have in common. Well, the Hoff is undoubtedly a better driver and lifeguard, but it might be a draw when it comes to singing.

Anyhow, they’re both huge in Germany, and they each have made dubious contributions to the U.S.

Today, Obama drew cheers during his field trip to Germany where he pronounced, “‘I come to Berlin as so many of my countrymen have come before. Tonight, I speak to you not as a candidate for President, but as a citizen — a proud citizen of the United States, and a fellow citizen of the world.”

But while he takes that stance in front of the Germans, Barack Obama is strictly a candidate when it comes to dealing with his fellow Americans.

According to Breitbart.com

Sen. Barack Obama scrapped plans to visit wounded members of the armed forces in Germany as part of his overseas trip, a decision his spokesman said was made because the Democratic presidential candidate thought it would be inappropriate on a campaign-funded journey.

The spokesman, Robert Gibbs, said Thursday that Obama made his decision out of respect for the servicemen and women.

Inappropriate to squeeze time in his tour to visit wounded troops?

Barack Obama thinks it’s inappropriate to visit the wounded armed forces out of respect for them?

I would hope “a proud citizen of the United States” would want to visit our troops.

Disgusting. Offensive. Expected.