Joe Biden - the Gaffe Master

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The International Herald Tribune (global edition of the New York Times) has chronicled some of the recent gaffes from Barack Obama’s running mate, Joe Biden: “Biden living up to his gaffe-prone reputation“.

Aside from Senator Biden thinking that Hillary is more qualified than him to be Vice President and confusingly referring to Barack Obama as Barack America, here are some other confused remarks from Biden:

Many more at

Barack Obama Goes to “New Pennsylvania”

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Not so long ago, Obama touted how he’d been to 57 of 58 states, and I’ve been wondering which state is #58.

Well, I guess the mystery is solved. It’s New Pennsylvania. That must be a more progressive Pennsylvania where they don’t cling to guns and religion.

I think it falls somewhere in between St. Louis and Kansas City.

Obama and the Pig with Lipstick

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Barack Obama sure is eloquent, and he proves it as he bumbles through his latest script stating that McCain and Palin won’t change anything in Washington, and he follows up with the ever clever… “You know, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.”

The crowd went wild.

Aside from the fact that both McCain and Palin have a history as reformers, and Obama, well, he doesn’t really have a history, he’s pretty transparent in his allusion.

Just last week, when Governor Palin spoke at the Republican National Convention, she ad libbed, “What’s the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? Lipstick.”

Of course, the Obama campaign was quick to say the reference was just an old saying, according to ABC News.

Stay classy, Barack.

Over at the, Marc Ambinder tries to provide cover to Obama by proclaiming, “Suddenly, common analogies are sexist?”

No, Marc, they’re not. But the crowd clearly got the reference even if you didn’t. It’s not like this is the first Obama gaffe.

Obama Mistakenly Refers to His Muslim Faith

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Obama says he’s a believer, but when he he made an inartful comment about his “Muslim faith” with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on “This Week,” people might be wondering what he believes.

Obama said, “You’re absolutely right that John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith. And you’re absolutely right that that has not come.”

George Stephanopoulos quickly corrected Obama that it’s his Christian faith.

Obama Live from St. Kansas City Louis

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Barack Obama doesn’t limit his flip flops, confused remarks and gaffes to campaign issues. He also seems to be challenged when it comes to geography.

Wait, that’s not new. Obama made his famous reference to having visited 57 of 58 states.

But last night at the convention, he claimed to be in both St. Louis and Kansas City at the same time, as reported by the News-Leader in Springfield, MO.

Tonight, Democrat Barack Obama didn’t know what town he was in.

In a live satellite speech tonight to the Democratic National Convention in Denver from a home in Kansas City, Obama said: “I’m here with the Girardo family here in St. Louis.”

Then came a graphic across the television screen that said Obama was in Kansas City, Mo.

Then 7-year-old Sasha Obama asked: “Daddy, what city are you in?”

“I’m in Kansas City, sweetie,” Obama said, correcting his earlier geographic reference.

At least one of the Obamas can keep things straight.

The Double Gaffe of Obama and Biden

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It was a feat critics thought could never be accomplished… the double gaffe. But Barack Obama and Joe Biden pulled off the unprecedented move earlier today, according to ABC News.

First up was Obama, as he introduced his running mate, “So let me introduce to you the next president - the next vice president of the US of America, Joe Biden.”

For those keeping score, Joe Biden might be the next Vice-President, but he’s definitely not the next President. Obama should know.

Right after that debacle, Senator Biden forgot the name of his running mate…

“My friends, I don’t have to tell you, this election year the choice is clear. One man stands ready to deliver change we desperately need. A man I’m proud to call my friend. A man who will be the next president of the United States, Barack America.”

Those two sure are a couple of dopes for being the two smartest guys in the room.

Barack Obama Plays the Race Card, Again

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Obama is trying to sell the story that Republicans are using scare tactics to dissuade people from voting for him.

Just like Obama did on Friday, June 20 at a Florida fund-raiser, Barack Obama proclaimed that Republicans will make the Presidential contest about race.

Despite the fact that race hasn’t played a role in the McCain campaign, Obama continues to cry wolf.

“Nobody thinks that Bush and McCain have a real answer to the challenges we face. So what they’re going to try to do is make you scared of me. You know, he’s not patriotic enough, he’s got a funny name, you know, he doesn’t look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills.”

Aside from the gaffe where Obama seems to think more than one president is on dollar bills (note to Obama supporters, only George Washington is on dollar bills), he’s playing the race card with his invented scenario about McCain comparing his look to George Washington and all the other presidents on dollar bills.

The Dollar Bills

Maybe Obama isn’t talking about race when says “he doesn’t look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills.”

Is it the powdered wig thing that sets him apart? The male pattern baldness on George? Maybe the frilly shirt he is wearing in the portrait?

Obama Lies about being on the Banking Committee

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Oops, he did it, again. Today Barack Obama falsely claimed to be on the Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs.

While Obama was at a press conference in Sderot, Israel, he told this tall tale

“Just this past week, we passed out of the out of the U.S. Senate Banking Committee - which is my committee - a bill to call for divestment from Iran as way of ratcheting up the pressure to ensure that they don’t obtain a nuclear weapon.”

Just one problem with that statement… he’s not on that committee.

What in the world will Barack Obama say tomorrow on his international gaffe tour?

Obama: Israel is a strong friend of Israel’s

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There he goes again, that silly Barack Obama.

While speaking to the press yesterday in Amman, Jordan, Obama meant to convey that the United States would continue to strongly support Israel.

But he seemed to get mixed up when he articulated it:

“Well let me be absolutely clear. Israel is a strong friend of Israel’s.”

Maybe the script from Obama’s 300 foreign policy advisors had a typo?

According to the Seattle Times, aides said he had intended to say that the United States was a strong friend of Israel.

What will the confused, gaffe-prone Obama say next?

Obama to Repeal 22nd Amendment?

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This past weekend on Face the Nation, Barack Obama explained why he is traveling through the Middle East and Europe…

“The objective of this trip was to have substantive discussions with people like President Karzai or Prime Minister Maliki or President Sarkozy or others who I expect to be dealing with over the next eight to 10 years.

And it’s important for me to have a relationship with them early, that I start listening to them now, getting a sense of what their interests and concerns are.”

Eight to 10 years, Obama? Let me see here… a U.S. President serves a term of four years and they can be re-elected just once.

4 + 4 = 8

That’s the rule according to the Twenty-second Amendment (Amendment XXII) of the United States Constitution, at least, which sets a term limit for the President of the United States.

Maybe Obama hopes he can change that silly rule, or even more alarming is the prospect that he is not aware of the 22nd Amendment.

I would suggest that Obama take one of his 300 foreign policy advisors and assign them to helping him brush up on the Constitution.

More commentary from ABC News Senior National Correspondent Jake Tapper on Obama’s latest gaffe on his Political Punch blog.

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