Obama the One-Man Gaffe Machine

May 30, 2008 · Filed Under Iran, News ·  

Democrats love to highlight each and every gaffe from President Bush, just as they did with Dan Quayle and Ronald Reagan.

Despite volumes of goofs by the likes of Al Gore, John Kerry and Barack Obama, the mainstream media doesn’t seem to be as curious about reporting their lies, mistakes, and malapropisms.

So it was refreshing to see a recap of recent Obama gaffes in the Wall Street Journal today.

The article points out a list of Obama’s greatest, recent hits, like his uncle who liberated Auschwitz, how the U.S. has 57 states, and that Iran doesn’t prove to be a serious threat.

Read the complete article at WSJ.com.

RedHatBlueHat 2: Et tu, Brute?

May 29, 2008 · Filed Under Podcasts ·  

The second episode of the RedHatBlueHat political podcast featured Todd Crawford, Tim Jones, Shawn Collins, Mike Allen and Sam Harrelson.

This week we touched on Obama’s favorite new book, “What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington’s Culture of Deception,” by former Bush loyalist, Scott McClellan.

We also talked about gas prices, how to bring them down, and wondered why Nancy Pelosi’s plan to solve the gas issue, touted by her in 2006, still hasn’t materialized.

Then we moved on to the Democrat mess in Florida and Michigan and whether every vote will count.

Plus, some speculation over VP candidates for both parties.

Then there was a chat on the impact of Hillary making the RFK assassination comment last week, and the way the mainstream media neglected to mention Obama’s allusion to a Hillary assassination.

Lastly, we touched on the need to lower spending by the Federal government, and Obama’s latest gaffe regarding his “uncle” liberating Auschwitz.

Episode 2 runs an hour and features the new Obama campaign theme song.

Obama’s Uncle Liberated Auschwitz

May 27, 2008 · Filed Under News ·  

I just saw on the Hot Air blog that Obama stated on Memorial Day that his uncle helped to liberate Auschwitz.

Maybe he can win the Jewish vote in Florida after all.