Sarah Palin Email Account Hacked

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Hackers broke into Sarah Palin’s email account, according to the Associated Press.

Hackers broke into the Yahoo! e-mail account that Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin used for official business as Alaska’s governor, revealing as evidence a few inconsequential personal messages she has received since John McCain selected her as his running mate.

“This is a shocking invasion of the governor’s privacy and a violation of law. The matter has been turned over to the appropriate authorities and we hope that anyone in possession of these e-mails will destroy them,” the McCain campaign said in a statement.

I agree that it’s an invasion of privacy, and I think it’s further deplorable that so many sites are republishing Governor Palin’s personal emails, contact list, photos, etc.

The AP indicated that the Secret Service requested copies of the leaked emails. The AP did not comply, but it’s not really necessary - I just found copies of them in multiple sites easily.

The account has been deleted, but seems to think displaying private information on their site is somehow newsworthy, based on their post…

“Here are the screenshots of the emails saved before the account went dark, along with the contact list. It’s newsworthy and we will not be taking it down!”

They have some twisted definition of newsworthy to post this private information. Lame.

Sarah Palin at the Alaskan Republican Roundtable Debate in 2006

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Back in 2006, there was an Alaskan Republican Roundtable debate involving some of the Republican candidates for governor: Sarah Palin, then-Governor Frank Murkowski, and former Alaska State Senator John Binkley.

The video runs nearly an hour, and as you can see, Binkley and Murkowski attempted to make it a two-way debate.

However, Sarah Palin was having none of that, and as we all know, she went on to win the primary and general election to become Governor of Alaska.

For those who think she won’t be able to hold up to Joe Biden, this video gives a look at her fabric and what he can expect.

Obama and the Pig with Lipstick

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Barack Obama sure is eloquent, and he proves it as he bumbles through his latest script stating that McCain and Palin won’t change anything in Washington, and he follows up with the ever clever… “You know, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.”

The crowd went wild.

Aside from the fact that both McCain and Palin have a history as reformers, and Obama, well, he doesn’t really have a history, he’s pretty transparent in his allusion.

Just last week, when Governor Palin spoke at the Republican National Convention, she ad libbed, “What’s the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? Lipstick.”

Of course, the Obama campaign was quick to say the reference was just an old saying, according to ABC News.

Stay classy, Barack.

Over at the, Marc Ambinder tries to provide cover to Obama by proclaiming, “Suddenly, common analogies are sexist?”

No, Marc, they’re not. But the crowd clearly got the reference even if you didn’t. It’s not like this is the first Obama gaffe.

The Truth About Sarah Palin

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The lies about Sarah Palin have been spreading like crazy among scared and confused liberals. Fortunately, Newsweek has researched the smears and posted the truth.

The Newsweek story clears up the following…

  • Palin did not cut funding for special needs education in Alaska by 62 percent. She didn’t cut it at all.
  • She did not demand that books be banned from the Wasilla library.
  • She was never a member of the Alaskan Independence Party.
  • Palin never endorsed or supported Pat Buchanan for president.
  • Palin has not pushed for teaching creationism in Alaska’s schools.

Details at

It would be nice if we could stick to the real stories, rather than this sort of character assassination with fabricated scandals.

McCain / Palin - the Original Mavericks

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There is a new campaign ad, “Original Mavericks,” that highlights the history of fighting wasteful spending and corruption by John McCain and Sarah Palin.

The ad has sources for all of the accomplishments - I like that better than promises and claims.

10 Signs Sarah Palin Could be an Orthodox Jew

September 7, 2008 · Filed Under Sarah Palin ·  

Shmuly Tennenhaus, the guy behind, where McCain and Obama supporters can get get political kippahs (the McCippah and the Obamica), has written an entertaining blog post on 10 Signs “Sarah Palin Could be an Orthodox Jew.”

Some of Shmuly’s points…

1- She has five kids already, And possibly more to come.

4- The name of her future son-in-law is Levi.

7- The stylish pile-on hair style, seems like something straight from Yaffa Wigs.

9- She fired the chef in the governors mansion. No Orthodox Jewish woman wants another cook messing in her kitchen.

See all ten at

McCain and Palin Win the Popular Vote Over Obama and Biden

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The speeches by John McCain and Barack Obama were each viewed by approximately 42.4 million people, and the Republican convention was the most watched on TV ever, according to the Associate Press.

Nielsen Media Research reports that McCain actually beat Obama by 500,000.

And there was no contest between Sarah Palin, who had about 37 million viewers, compared with approximately 24 million for Joe Biden, according to the Guardian.

You’ve got to wonder if Obama is rethinking his running mate.

Oprah Shuns Sarah Palin

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Oprah was very excited earlier this year to tout the historical nature of the Barack Obama campaign, but she isn’t quite as excited about Sarah Palin, according to the Drudge Report.

“Half of her staff really wants Sarah Palin on,” an insider explains. “Oprah’s website is getting tons of requests to put her on, but Oprah and a couple of her top people are adamantly against it because of Obama.”

One executive close to Winfrey is warning any Palin ban could ignite a dramatic backlash!

If you’d like to see Sarah Palin on Oprah’s show, let her know by sending a message through her Web site.

Sarah Palin and the Impact on the Election

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Sarah Palin swept onto the national political scene last week, and all of the issues surrounding her are discussed on this podcast.

This political podcast was formerly known as Red Hat Blue Hat, because it had folks from both parties talking shop, but the Democrats have left the building, at least for now.

So this week, you’ve got Red Hat, White Flag.

Have a listen to impressions of Sarah Palin, the scandals, acceptance speech, her past, and how she has changed the Presidential election.

John McCain and Sarah Palin

Subscribe to the RedHatBlueHat RSS feed at

Legislative Accomplishments of Barack Obama

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“We’ve all heard his dramatic speeches before devoted followers.

And there is much to like and admire about our opponent.

But listening to him speak, it’s easy to forget that this is a man who has authored two memoirs but not a single major law or reform - not even in the state senate.”

Sarah Palin in her acceptance speech for the 2008 Republican vice presidential nomination on September 3, 2008, at the Xcel Energy Center in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota.

Speaking of which, many folks have heard about Barack Obama’s two best-selling memoirs (”The Audacity of Hope” and “Dreams from My Father”), but how many have read it?

Read and hear some excerpts that you haven’t heard in the news.

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