Obama: Israel is a strong friend of Israel’s

July 23, 2008 · Filed Under Foreign Policy, Gaffe, Israel ·  

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There he goes again, that silly Barack Obama.

While speaking to the press yesterday in Amman, Jordan, Obama meant to convey that the United States would continue to strongly support Israel.

But he seemed to get mixed up when he articulated it:

“Well let me be absolutely clear. Israel is a strong friend of Israel’s.”

Maybe the script from Obama’s 300 foreign policy advisors had a typo?

According to the Seattle Times, aides said he had intended to say that the United States was a strong friend of Israel.

What will the confused, gaffe-prone Obama say next?

Obama’s AIPAC Talk an “odd, alternative reality”

June 4, 2008 · Filed Under Iran, Israel, John McCain ·  

Barack Obama gave a speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in Washington this morning, which was labeled representative of an “odd, alternative reality” by Randy Scheunemann, national security advisor to John McCain.

Senator Joe Lieberman stated that there existed a “disconnect between what [Obama] said today with regards to Iran and what he has said earlier.”

Lieberman was referring to Obama’s opposition to last year’s Kyl-Lieberman amendment which designated the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization, and which a majority of the Democratic leadership supported, as evidence that disconnect.

It’s a lot more difficult to play both side of an issue in the age of YouTube, Barack!

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