Obama is Embarrassed About Us

July 9, 2008 · Filed Under Immigration ·  

Barack Obama was speaking to a group in Powder Springs, GA yesterday and he declared, “I don’t understand when people are going around worrying about we need to have English only. They want to pass a law… we want just, uh, we want English only.”

Obama went on to say:

“Instead of worrying about whether immigrants will learn English… they’ll learn English… you need to make sure your child can speak Spanish.”

Not so fast. He went on to say…

“It’s embarrassing when Europeans come over here, they all speak English, they speak French, they speak German. And then we go over to Europe and all we can say is merci beaucoup.”

If it’s a standard that he accepts that foreign visitors, like the Europeans he mentions, “all speak English” when they visit, why should the onus be on the people of the U.S. to learn Spanish?

If we are expected to assimilate when visiting or moving to another nation, I don’t see why Obama doesn’t understand why Americans expect the same here.

Now I think it’s a great idea for our children to learn a second or third language (mine are all learning Spanish), but how about if Barack Obama learns Spanish himself before mandating others learn it?

According to an article in the New York Times in June 2007, Obama’s Spanish is “limited.”

Senator Barack Obama, a Democrat from Illinois, attempted Spanish last year when he delivered his party’s Spanish-language radio address. But his Spanish is limited, and the taping of the speech was “tedious,” the Chicago Tribune’s political blog reported.

And Obama, stop being embarrassed about the United States of America and exhibit some pride about all this is great about our country.