Obama and Terrorist Friend William Ayers

May 18, 2008 · Filed Under Ethics, Homeland Security, William Ayers ·  

The Weather Underground bombed the Pentagon, the Capitol and the New York City Police Headquarters.

The leader of the Weather Underground was 1960s-era radical, William Ayers.

Ayers is also a friend and political campaigner for Barack Obama.

As recounted in the May 26, 2008 issue of The Weekly Standard

At the Philadelphia presidential debate in April, George Stephanopoulos asked Obama about his relationship with the Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers, who with his comrades bombed several government buildings in the 1970s. Obama protested that he knew Ayers as a neighbor and professor of English (actually, he teaches education) whose “detestable acts” when Obama was eight were no reflection on “me and my values.”

But as soon as it was her turn to speak, Obama’s opponent piled on. Ayers and Obama had served together on the board of the Wood Foundation in “a paid directorship position,” noted Clinton. It was legitimate to raise questions about their relationship, she insisted, since Ayers’s bombings had resulted in people’s deaths.

So let me get this straight, if somebody committed terrorism, but it was before they starting hanging out with Obama, it is irrelevant?

OK, just checking.