Bill Clinton: Obama “a Chicago thug”

August 27, 2008 · Filed Under Democratic National Convention 

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Bill Clinton delivered a rousing speech where he touted his economic victories (forgetting the recession at the tail end of his second term), as well as touting Barack Obama.

It was a pretty sugar coat of his true characterization of Obama, who Clinton has said has the political instincts of “a Chicago thug,” according to the Denver Post.

Bill Clinton believes the Democratic nominee, far from practicing a unifying, transformational brand of politics, has the political instincts of “a Chicago thug,” one longtime associate said. Clinton has told people that Obama allowed surrogates to try to suppress Hispanic turnout in the Nevada caucuses, and played “the race card” in reverse against the Clintons in South Carolina and other states.

Is it any wonder that Bill Clinton is rumored to be skipping town and skipping Obama’s speech on Thursday?