Barack Obama Plays the Race Card, Again

July 31, 2008 · Filed Under Gaffe, News 

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Obama is trying to sell the story that Republicans are using scare tactics to dissuade people from voting for him.

Just like Obama did on Friday, June 20 at a Florida fund-raiser, Barack Obama proclaimed that Republicans will make the Presidential contest about race.

Despite the fact that race hasn’t played a role in the McCain campaign, Obama continues to cry wolf.

“Nobody thinks that Bush and McCain have a real answer to the challenges we face. So what they’re going to try to do is make you scared of me. You know, he’s not patriotic enough, he’s got a funny name, you know, he doesn’t look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills.”

Aside from the gaffe where Obama seems to think more than one president is on dollar bills (note to Obama supporters, only George Washington is on dollar bills), he’s playing the race card with his invented scenario about McCain comparing his look to George Washington and all the other presidents on dollar bills.

The Dollar Bills

Maybe Obama isn’t talking about race when says “he doesn’t look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills.”

Is it the powdered wig thing that sets him apart? The male pattern baldness on George? Maybe the frilly shirt he is wearing in the portrait?