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If you are looking for a new toilet, there are various options available in the market. One of them is water ridge toilets. Water ridge deals exclusively in kitchen and bath faucets.

They focus on ease of functionality and installation, with high-quality finishes and real value. If you are thinking of choosing them, here is a water ridge toilet review to help you out!

Costco water ridge toilet is a good option for budget-conscious customers, but not without a Costco membership. Since water ridge is a part of the global union brand, you will find its toilet parts only at Costco.

Costco contracts out water ridge’s manufacturing: that is, most of their product parts are sold through Costco. However, you may find water ridges faucets on Amazon.

Water ridge toilets are not Costco toilets, though. They are manufactured in China. Costco is a membership warehouse club that gives its customers the best possible prices on quality, branded products.

Costco provides exclusive member services and offers a wide variety of merchandise. They guarantee a risk-free, 100% satisfactory experience, and have hundreds of local stores. They offer two kinds of membership: gold star and business, which can later be upgraded to executive membership. Executive members enjoy many additional benefits.

All this may attract you to go for water ridge Costco toilets, but you need to remember that if you any replacement part in the future, you need to go to them.

If the store is not available near your house, you will need to place an order. As water ridge toilet reviews state, Costco has terrific customer experience and affordable prices with good-quality products. So, it really should not be a problem.

Before starting this Costco water ridge toilets review, you can go and check out the products on their website.

The Costco Water Ridge 1-Piece Elongated Toilet

Water Ridge Toilet

Water ridge, once a piece of toilets, is very popular. They are out of stock most of the time. They are comfortable and come with a reliable flush even on the low flow.

They have a modern look and will complement your bathrooms well. It has an insulated tank that prevents condensation from forming on the outside. This one-piece model is slightly bigger than other one-piece toilets. It looks a bit more elegant than a two-piece toilet.

It has a slow close toilet seat and a quick-release seat to facilitate easy cleaning. All the parts needed for installation are included with the product. Water ridge toilet reviews for one-piece are excellent online, like this one:

“I have 3 in my house, no condensation issues. The first 2 I bought came with lifetime warranties, had to request a part a couple of years ago, customer service was excellent.”

The Costco Water Ridge Dual Flush Toilet

It is a two-piece construction with an elongated bowl and a 3-inch flush valve. It has two flushes – 1.1 and 1.6 gallons. An ADA height of 17 inches at the rim is similar to one-piece toilets. It also has a wax ring, braided hose, and floor bolts. It comes with a five-year limited warranty.

There are many positive water ridge toilet reviews online, and one such is this:

“As a rental property and homeowner, I recently purchased (two months ago) this toilet package replacing our toilet on the second floor of my master bedroom. The toilet package came with everything you needed except the tool to install it. The installation was simple and easy. The wife and I were not sure since prior to us purchasing a toilet as it only cost $99+ Tax. However, we are noticing the dual flush features, clean look, and most of all, IT WORKS!!! I am planning to purchase additional packages to replace all my old toilets.”

Issues with Water Ridge Toilets:

The Flush Valve Gets Stuck after Flushing

A lot of customers, when giving water ridge toilet reviews, mention this problem. This means the tank does not re-fill, and water pours directly into the toilet bowl. This results in water wastage.

The water in the tank flushes in the bowl because when the flush button is depressed, the entire valve assembly is pulled up. Now even after the latch mechanism releases the valve assembly, it remains in the up position. This is where the problem arises.

This can be solved quickly. First, line up the flush buttons with the float mechanism. Take a screwdriver and carefully pop out the button assembly. Remove the lever from the valve and button assembly. Use sandpaper to polish off the casting marks from the axle. Reassemble the mechanism correctly.

Costco water ridge toilet reviews also state that the toilets are lighter in weight. This may not be a problem. Light-weight material may be useful in quality too. Water ridge is reputed in the market, Costco makes sure the quality is maintained.

You do not need to worry about the Costco water ridge toilets flushing performance. There are not many water ridge toilet reviews online, so that it may worry you. But Costco toilets are tested by Map.

The map is a site that conducts flushing tests on toilets. They recommend a range from 600g to 1000g. For your information, every water ridge toilet lies between 800g to 1000g, so they are within the recommended range. Apart from these minor issues, there is not any other issue that has been addressed online.

Costco is very liberal with its return policies; there are countless people online that seem satisfied:

“Great one-piece toilet. I purchased three of them. Works great, and if you need parts, call the 1-866 number. These toilets have plenty of power. You won’t be disappointed, especially when you have a five-year warranty, I could easily replace it if I want to.”

You can also buy water ridge toilet parts, if required, from here, their website.

Toilet Buying Guide


When looking for toilets in the market, remember one thing. The price tag is not directly proportional to the quality. High-priced toilets do not mean they would last longer.

Also, good toilets look elegant and save water. An ideal toilet should be reliable and last for at least a decade, especially in households with a lot of people. You certainly do not want to change your toilet every year or so.

There are broadly two types of toilets: Gravity-feed toilets and Pressure-Assisted toilets. Gravity-feed toilets have valves that rely on gravity. They can work in very little household water pressure and flush more quietly than pressure-assisted models.

One issue with these toilets is that they may not displace waste properly. In pressure-assisted toilets, the waste gets thrust from the pressure created by water, which compresses air. These toilets are well-suited for large families, but the flushes are noisier. They are also slightly expensive.

There are other features such as height, bowl shape, color, the style that you need to consider before buying a toilet. Toilets should use water efficiently; the department of Energy limits water usage to 1.6 gallons per flush. Dual-flush toilets offer two flushes – partial and full. They efficiently flush toilet waste. These days, with the advancement of technology, touchless flushes are available in the market.

Make sure that the seat height is proper; 12 inches is considered a standard height. You can also go to as high as 19 inches. It would help if you also considered the bowl shape. While a round bowl takes less space, the elongated bowl is more comfortable to sit on.

Bowls also come with a special coating on the inside that prevents waste from sticking onto them. One-piece designs do not have a separate tank and cost more than two-piece designs. Make sure your water supply line is made of braided, flexible stainless steel.

If you look for water ridge toilet reviews online, you will find mixed reviews. But it cannot be denied that they are affordable, and Costco’s guarantee is the cherry on the cake. So, it can be concluded that even though there are a few problems that customers face, water ridge toilets are a good option if you are budget conscious. The quality is relatively good.



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